When a Feline Surprise Meets a Slow and Steady Addition: The Tale of a Couple’s Kitten and Tortoise Discovery in Their Backyard

A pair discovered a baby cat in their rear lawn, and their tortoise appeared from its hole with an additional one.

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Approximately six weeks ago, a Las Vegas couple stumbled upon a lone kitten in their backyard, with no sign of a mother cat in sight. In need of assistance, they contacted their local animal rescuer, Patricia Lika, who promptly responded to their call for help. Upon arriving, however, Lika was surprised to discover that there were actually two kittens in the yard. It turned out that the homeowners had a rescue tortoise residing in their backyard who had recently emerged from hibernation and brought the kittens along with him. Initially, nobody had realized that the tortoise’s burrow had become a makeshift nursery for some tiny felines.

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A pair of individuals stumbled upon a kitten in their backyard, along with additional ones inside a tortoise burrow. After reviewing the camera footage, it was concluded that the mother cat had not been seen for three days prior to the kittens’ discovery. The assumption was made that the mother had given birth in the burrow to keep the babies safe until she did not return. The individuals were surprised by the sight of a lone kitten in their yard until the tortoise unexpectedly pushed out another one.

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In the burrow, there was a third kitten positioned at the back that was out of reach for the rescuers. The tunnel was quite long, stretching about five feet deep and an additional foot to the side where the kitten had hidden. To tackle this issue, they placed a baby monitor inside the burrow to track the movements of the kitten. Once they spotted the kitten on the monitor, they acted swiftly and managed to get hold of the kitten using a pole to grab it.

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When the three adorable kittens were taken into foster care, they were given 24/7 attention and care. The foster parents took extra measures to ensure that no other kittens were left behind by keeping a close eye on the cameras. Despite their efforts, the mother cat never returned. The trio, named Marshmallow, Bisquick, and Stormtrooper, were lovingly cared for by their foster parent, Patricia. They were given nutritious food which made them feel much better and even showed their contentment by kneading on a soft blanket.

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As soon as they were given their new formula, the roly-polies began to show their excitement by moving their legs and rolling around. They even started playfully wrestling with each other, bursting with newfound energy. Luckily, they quickly adapted to their new feeding routine over the next few days without any trouble. However, when it came time for their bottles, the three little ones were not shy about expressing their opinions and eagerly awaited their meals.

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The adorable feline siblings have a true fondness for belly rubs and crave affectionate cuddling. A pair of them are particularly expressive and thrive on being pampered constantly.
As they continue to mature, the lively brothers have upgraded to a more expansive play area where they love to dash about, chasing each other while fine-tuning their agility and scaling abilities.

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Upon Patricia’s entrance into the room, the furry creatures eagerly rush towards her, competing for her affection. They perch on her shoulder, snuggle up to her lap or nestle into her embrace, basking in the affection. “These creatures are incredibly cuddly and affectionate; they relish human companionship and enjoy being showered with love. Their most preferred indulgence is belly rubs.”

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The little felines are currently at the stage where they’re about 8-9 weeks old and starting to become quite the lively bunch. They’re constantly exploring their surroundings and getting into mischief. Once they reach an appropriate age for adoption, they’ll undergo the necessary procedures such as neutering before searching for their permanent homes with caring owners who will love them unconditionally.

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When Patricia went to a backyard to save a kitten, she ended up rescuing three instead. These adorable felines were born in a tortoise burrow and thanks to Patricia’s intervention, they are now thriving. As they grew older, these kitties became more and more beautiful and developed unique personalities.

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The three amigos can now rest easy knowing they’ll never have to brave the outdoors again. They’re guaranteed a cozy spot on a welcoming lap.

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