Unexpected Surprise for Abandoned Stray Dog Will Melt Your Heart

Penny was brought to a shelter where her family was informed of her whereabouts, but they declined to take her back. Fortunately, someone expressed interest in taking her in by putting a stray hold on her before the adoption deadline at 4 pm. However, there was still a chance that the adoption could fall through. In the meantime, Rocky Kanaka took Penny out for some exciting activities to lift her spirits.

To make their day out special, their first destination was Starbucks for a Puppuccino. Penny was excited to receive a treat, but couldn’t figure out what to do with it. She preferred getting affectionate cuddles rather than licking the delicious cold cream.
Afterwards, they headed back to the shelter and anticipated Penny’s potential adopter to arrive and finalize her adoption. Rocky kept himself occupied by walking the dogs and cleaning the shelter floor. As time passed by, he became increasingly anxious.

With a sigh of relief, Miguel and Amanda finally arrived at the kennels with wide smiles on their faces. Their excitement was palpable as they eagerly anticipated meeting the lovable Penny for the first time. Rocky left to retrieve Penny, who seemed to sense that her forever home was close, and couldn’t contain her excitement. When she finally appeared, the adorable pooch ran straight to them, happily soaking up all the attention and affection they gave her.

The celebration kicked off as soon as they arrived at the pet store. With her new family, Penny – now called Goose – went on a shopping spree and Rocky bought her everything she showed interest in. It was evident that Goose had never been to a store before, so her family assisted her in picking out toys. Nonetheless, Goose was a fast learner, and she swiftly chose a new bed that suited her preferences. By the time they finished shopping, her cart was filled with plenty of goodies for her to enjoy. Finally, she exited the store with her new parents, eager to start her new life with them.

The contribution of the shelter and Rocky Kanaka is highly appreciated for their efforts in rescuing stray dogs. Their support enables many dogs to find a loving home. We are delighted to bring you Goose’s rescue tale, and we encourage you to share it with your loved ones.

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