Unbreakable Spirit: The Story of a Six-Legged, Two-Tailed Puppy Who Overcame Rejection

Puppy Born With Six Legs And Two Tails Was Rejected By His Own Mom But He Did not Give Up On Life

In this world, there are individuals who are born with birth defects that are surprising. Some of them are welcomed and loved, while others are despised due to their peculiarities. This also applies to animals. Skipper, a puppy with six legs and two tails, is an example of such a situation. Despite being rejected by her mother, the determined puppy did not give up on life.

Skipper, a hybrid of Australian Shepherd and Collie, was born on February 16th in Oklahoma along with her eight siblings. Although her siblings were all healthy, Skipper had a unique condition. Additionally, her mother had abandoned her, so she was transferred to Neel Veterinary Hospital for specialized medical care.

Skipper, a unique puppy with congenital issues, has defied the odds and survived longer than any other canine of her kind. Her extraordinary condition has earned her the title of a “miracle” among people. The hospital treating her revealed that Skipper’s mother was carrying twins, with one egg dividing but not entirely, resulting in the birth of the unusual dog. Despite her challenges, Skipper has displayed incredible resilience and is thriving thanks to proper medical care and her own determination. While some are still worried about her health, her caretakers assure everyone that she is happy, healthy, and not in any pain. With all the love and prayers she is receiving, Skipper seems to have nothing to worry about for now.

Neel Veterinary Hospital has reassured concerned individuals on Facebook that they have no plans of euthanizing Skipper, given that there is no proof of her experiencing or will experience pain. The hospital hopes for Skipper to live a fulfilling and joyful life, but recognizes that the future is uncertain, so they are preparing for any possible challenges. Additionally, the hospital has created a Facebook page dedicated to Skipper’s journey, which has already gathered more than 55 thousand followers. Be sure to share Skipper’s incredible tale with your loved ones!

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