Tiny Kitten Sports Guinea Pig Cone After Leg Surgery

After undergoing surgery on his leg, the tiny kitten was fitted with a guinea pig cone for protection due to his small size.

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Meet Finnegan, the adorable ginger kitten who had a bit of a rough beginning. Despite facing a vicious attack from another animal, Finn was lucky enough to be rescued by a kind-hearted person who brought him to safety. Unfortunately, the attack left Finn with a severely broken leg, but his rescuers did everything they could to help him heal. After reaching out to various rescues, they eventually found a home for Finn with Baby Kitten Rescue. Thankfully, Finn is now in good hands and receiving the care he needs to recover and thrive.

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Finn, a little kitten, was rescued when he had a broken leg. The kind rescuers took him to an animal hospital where he received immediate attention. After conducting X-rays, the veterinarians discovered that his humerus bone was broken in two. Luckily, Dr. Jacobo was available the next day and performed an emergency surgery to fix his leg. It was amazing that even though Finn was only 3.5 weeks old and weighed only 0.6lbs, Dr. Jacobo was able to successfully repair his leg by pinning it back together.

ginger tabby kitten finn

After undergoing surgery, Finn had an external fixator put in place to keep the pins from moving. As soon as he was discharged, he was already standing on his own two feet and even attempted to play around. The incredible strength and quick healing of this resilient kitten left us in awe, as within a mere week he was already able to use his leg once more. The pins will eventually be removed once he has fully recovered.

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After Finn’s leg surgery, he was given a small cone to wear by the Baby Kitten Rescue. Despite his size, Finn has a strong personality and remains cheerful no matter what. During a subsequent visit to the vet, it was discovered that his cone was too big, prompting them to explore other options in order to find the ideal fit for him.

ginger kitten finn

The kitten rescue organization, babykittenrescue, shared a story about a kitten named Finn who had trouble with his new cone. It was too big for him, so they began exploring other options. They eventually found a small cat cone that fit comfortably on Finn. Despite its size being almost as big as Finn himself, he never once complained. Instead, he continued playing and even used the cone as a pillow when he napped. Even when the cones were unwieldy, Finn remained unbothered and adaptable.

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@babykittenrescue shared that due to the small size of the kitten they were caring for, finding an appropriate cone for him was challenging. While the hospital had initially made a custom-made cone for the kitten, the one provided during his recheck proved to be too large. However, after conducting some research, the rescuers stumbled upon the ideal solution of using guinea pig cones, which fit the kitten perfectly.

kitten cone finn

Babykittenrescue discovered some adorable guinea pig cones that were a perfect fit for their little furry friends. Once the new Elizabethan collars were on, the guinea pigs couldn’t contain their youthful energy and excitement. One even rolled around on Caroline’s lap and tried to assist her with her phone!

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Caroline revealed that Finn was having fun with her phone while trying to play with it. Despite encountering trauma, leg pins, and wearing a cone, he remains the sweetest, most playful, and happiest kitten. This ginger boy always exudes positivity and brings pure joy into their lives.

kitten in guinea pig cone

Finn, the cute little kitten, is enjoying his time with the resident cat named Chester at the baby kitten rescue center. Finn loves to play and doesn’t seem to tire out easily. Since he is healthy and active enough to socialize, he was introduced to another foster kitten called Frankie for supervised playtime.

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Frankie was discovered with back legs that were paralyzed. Thanks to a second chance, he can now do nearly everything that other cats can do. Finn demonstrated bravery and curiosity during their initial encounter, despite being smaller than Frankie. He trailed behind Frankie throughout the house and even demonstrated his toy-playing skills.

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Finn and Frankie are the stars of @babykittenrescue, and it’s heartwarming to see them bond and form a friendship. Despite his small size, Finn is a brave little kitten who wears cones meant for guinea pigs. But don’t let his size fool you, Finn has a big personality and believes he can conquer anything.

sweet ginger kitten finn

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