The Tale of a Thin Canine’s Fight for Survival Against Starvation and Dehydration

He wept as he yearned for a satisfying meal that would replenish his strength and stave off exhaustion after going without nourishment for many days.

Apathy is the most perilous disease that can propagate as it causes the demise of several animals who are deserted to suffer alone. Manejo de Fauna Callejera’s volunteers stumbled upon a young animal on the streets of Tasajera while they were getting ready for their daily chores. At first sight, they thought the creature was dead as it looked lifeless and couldn’t move. Despite this, they followed their kind-heartedness and decided to delve deeper. Upon inspection, they found out that the animal was still breathing but too feeble to stand on its own.

Observing people walking past him without lending a helping hand, his belly rumbles with hunger. It doesn’t seem fair that he’s faced so many difficulties since his birth just a few days ago.

The volunteer conveyed that their objective is to provide the love and encouragement necessary for transforming your life.

He was called Gorgojito and earned a reputation for being full of life and loving to give kisses. These sweet actions weren’t just about physical touch but also expressed a sense of thankfulness, trust, and profound affection.

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