The Tale of a Resilient Feline: How One Cat Found Her Forever Home After Multiple Returns and Stray Life

A feline was brought back several times and eventually ended up wandering around aimlessly. However, kind-hearted rescuers delved into her past and discovered a suitable home for her.

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Last year, a kind-hearted volunteer of South Jersey’s Community Cat Club stumbled upon an amiable stray cat in their neighborhood. Since nobody claimed to own the feline, they took her in and found that she had a microchip implanted. However, despite their several attempts to contact her previous owner, they failed to get through. Therefore, they decided to put the cat up for adoption. Monica, as they named her, possessed an immense personality that oozed with adventure, sociability, and exuberance, making her stand out amongst other cats.

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Last year, Monica was discovered wandering around as a stray and later adopted shortly after. However, even with the adopter’s efforts to make her feel comfortable, Monica began to show signs of behavioral issues despite her excellent health. The new owners tried different approaches to help her adjust, but nothing seemed to work in their favor.

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According to Sara Sharp, the president of Community Cat Club, a cat was returned to them after almost a year of unsuccessful attempts to keep her due to behavioral issues. Sara took it upon herself to investigate the cat’s past for any possible reasons behind her problems.

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After establishing communication with the shelter where Monica was originally adopted, we gained more insight into her past. It turned out that she had been returned multiple times due to her behavioral problems and reluctance to use the litter box. Additionally, Monica seemed to have a strong desire to leave the house which caused a significant shift in her once amiable demeanor.

farm cat monica

Our aim is to find loving indoor homes for cats, but the truth is that not all cats are suited for that lifestyle. Monica clearly preferred to spend her time outside, but she still craved human company and affection. Sara took it upon herself to search for a place where Monica would be content, receive proper care, and receive all the attention she yearned for from people.

farm cat monica

Sara discovered a nearby farm in need of a “social barn cat” from a friend and thought Monica would be perfect for the job. Monica, who was rescued by a volunteer a year prior to this, arrived at Sickler’s Circle View Farm with confidence, approaching people and exploring the area like it belonged to her.

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In April, Monica found a new family who adopted her and she is doing great in her new home. Her family runs a farm and shop where she gets all the love and attention she needs. Monica has become an integral part of the farm and enjoys spending time with her humans. She loves greeting customers, exploring the farm and soaking up the sun.

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Monica thoroughly enjoys welcoming customers at the farm shop. Sickler’s Circle View Farm’s Rachel expressed her admiration for Monica, praising her unique qualities in an Instagram comment, “This is a perfect match for her. We adore Monica and celebrate her quirks.” After a couple of years of transitioning between different living situations, Monica has finally found her forever home. Her presence not only brings happiness to her family but also to everyone she encounters.

farm cat monica

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