“The Sweetest Hugger: A Golden Retriever’s Daily Walks Filled with Two Hours of Affection”

Louboutina, the furry Angel from heaven, is on a mission to spread L O V E everywhere she goes. This affable Golden Retriever has won hearts with her innate friendly and gentle nature, which is characteristic of her breed. Dog enthusiasts consider Golden Retrievers as the ultimate family pets, thanks to their amiable disposition. Louboutina, who has taken over Chelsea, New York City, has become a celebrity in her own right for her love of hugging random strangers on the streets. The Golden Retriever breed is undeniably amazing, and their unconditional affection towards everyone is what makes them so lovable.

Did you know that a lovely golden retriever, who goes by the name of a famous French shoe designer, enjoys embracing people she meets on the sidewalk for at least two hours a day? It’s no surprise that golden retrievers are renowned as amicable canines, right?

According to Fernandez-Chavez, who is the proud owner of this adorable pup, taking her for a walk is no ordinary task. It’s a special experience that involves plenty of hugs and cuddles along the way. Numerous people have reported feeling uplifted and cheerful after meeting this charming canine. Even those who had a bad day at work found solace in her loving embrace. She truly is a remarkable dog, and we can’t help but adore her endearing and affectionate nature.

According to him, the story started during the Valentine’s Day of 2014 when Loubie, his pet, began holding his hands. He mentioned that it happened after he broke up with his partner, and Loubie would sit beside him, hold his hand with both paws, and cross them over each other. He found it amusing and even joked about having someone to hold hands with on Valentine’s Day to his friends.

Fernandez-Chavez has come to the realization that his dog’s warmth is not only important to him, but to the world as a whole.

Who doesn’t love a good hug? We could all learn a thing or two from this pup and spread a little more love through hugs.

Wow, your soul is truly magnificent! I have so much love for you.

It would be great if humans could emulate the kindness of this gorgeous pup.

May the Lord shower you with His blessings, my dear baby. Sending you loads of love and warm hugs.
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