Street Cats Prove Their Deep Need for Each Other

Two cats grew up on the streets and cared for a litter together. They amazed many with how much they needed each other.

bonded cat sisters

Celia and Gladys

Two cat sisters, Celia (brown) and Gladys (gray), grew up in a cat colony in Montreal and shared an inseparable bond.

Simone who came to help these community cats, noticed that one of the sisters had given birth. “While the cat mom was nursing and caring for her kittens, her sister stayed by her side the whole time,” Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared.

The area was not safe to raise kittens, so Simone set out a humane trap and hoped to bring the whole family to safety.

shy cat sisters

They grew up outside together and raised a litter as a duo

“With a lot of patience, she was able to get all the kittens as well as their mother and her sister. A veterinary clinic took them into their care and gave them a safe place to raise the babies.”

Celia and Gladys continued to rear the littles together until they were weaned and big enough for adoption.

bonded cats

Gladys (gray) and Celia (brown)

All the kittens quickly found good homes, but the cat sisters still needed a lot of socialization after having spent all their lives in the outdoors.

The clinic reached out to their local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montreal, for assistance. A family who volunteers for the rescue, stepped up and welcomed them in to foster.

brown tabby cat

Celia is very shy

“Gladys quickly warmed up to her foster family and started asking for attention. Celia was more timid and reserved, trailing behind her sister. She wouldn’t go anywhere without her.”

After a few days in a comfortable home, Gladys bloomed into a friendly, inquisitive, social cat. She began to really enjoy the company of her people and was intrigued by what they were doing.

gray cat tabby cuddly

Gladys is the braver of the two

Celia, on the other hand, would watch her sister, follow in her foot steps and seek comfort from her. In return, Gladys would groom her to help soothe her.

Celia depends a great deal on her sister. “She needs Gladys and follows her around the house. She stays very close to her even when she sleeps.”

bonded cat sisters

They are always together

“Celia will still hide in her cubbyhole when people come in to see them, but she will come out when she sees Gladys. Celia does almost everything with her big sister.”

By watching Gladys interact with people, Celia is getting braver and learning to trust.

bonded cat sisters

Celia follows her sister everywhere she goes

“Gladys will come running to her humans when they sit down on the couch, and Celia will follow right behind her and settle down next to her.”

If the family plays a video of a cat meowing on a computer, Gladys will run to investigate with Celia in tow.

cat tabby best friends

The two like to lounge and snuggle by the window, basking in the sun and watching little critters and neighbors outside.

cuddly cats sleeping

Celia and Gladys have been together since they were babies. They braved the streets together and raised a litter as a duo.

sweet cats snuggling

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