Stray Cat’s Determination Leads to a Life-Changing Encounter

A stray cat tried to push his way into a home and ended up changing his life.

stray cat matted

Fuller the cat

In early November, Sparkle Cat Rescue received a message about a neighborhood cat desperately needing help. The friendly stray showed up outside a residence and tried to “push” his way into their home when the door was open.

He was very eager to come up to people and rub against their legs. He didn’t fit in with other strays in the area, and clearly didn’t belong on the streets. Sparkle Cat Rescue was full at the time, but they wanted to find a way to help him.

Volunteer Rachel and her husband Steve stepped up when they were contacted, and immediately headed over to pick up the cat.

stray cat friendly

He showed up outside someone’s home and tried to get in

“It was a very easy rescue. The kitty walked right up to them. He was very dirty and matted, and obviously had been homeless for a while,” Stephanie Grantham, cofounder of Sparkle Cat Rescue, shared.

The cat arrived at the rescue and was lovingly named Fuller, because despite the shelter being full, they managed to find room for him.

sweet cat fuller

Fuller settled into his new space where he had plenty of food, water and soft, cuddly things. Slowly but surely, he came out of his shell.

In less than 24 hours after rescue, Fuller warmed up to his people, climbed onto their lap and started kneading and purring. He couldn’t get enough of head scritches and would extend his neck all the way for more pets.

attention seeking cat

In less than 24 hours, he came out of his shell and started asking for attention

Fuller didn’t have a microchip, and no one came to claim him after he was reported to the shelter as found. They don’t know how long he was out roaming the streets, but the sweet cat will never have to spendaother day outdoors.

“Oh the stories he could tell if only he could talk.”

sweet cat fuller

Fuller had a much-needed spa day at the animal hospital. The veterinary team gave him a full exam and removed all the knots and mats from his coat.

He felt so much better afterwards that he rubbed his face on everything and kneaded away with his happy paws.

cat happy fuller

Fuller had a spa day and is now mat-free

Fuller is loving his life as an indoor cat and has so much to give – head bumps, kitty massages and endless rumbling purrs to fill the room.

“He was so cute when the TV came on, and he just sat and watched it. He is so thankful to be inside.”

sweet cat fuller

He is always purring and kneading with his happy paws

The sweet cat likes to sit next to his people to be near them, and is always ready for some head snuggles.

“He’s an attention seeking boy, about 6-7 years old. Hopefully, he can find a home for the holidays,” Stephanie shared.

happy cat fuller

Fuller is an attention seeking cat

Just four weeks ago, Fuller was filthy and matted when he wandered his way to a home and begged to be let in. He’s never looked back since.

sweet cat fuller

He is now “so thankful to be safe, warm, loved, inside, and never having to worry where or when his next meal will come.”

cat transformed fuller

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