Stranded Kitten Finds a New Family with the Help of Feline Roommates

A tiny feline was discovered abandoned on a doorstep and welcomed into a household, where the resident kitties stepped up to assist.

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A family discovered a helpless newborn kitten abandoned on their doorstep after its mother had disappeared. They quickly sought help and brought the tiny feline to Ashley, who fosters for Little Wanderers NYC. Despite being only 70 grams in weight, Ashley took on the challenge of caring for the kitten and nursing her back to health. Starting with carefully warming the kitten to a safe temperature, Ashley stayed up all night providing the kitten with small feeds while ensuring that she was comfortable and content.

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Despite facing difficult circumstances, the little kitten managed to recover after a night of rest and started drinking her formula without any assistance. Ashley was able to finally relax after a few nights of worry as the kitten’s condition stabilized. Chihiro, the name given to the kitten, overcame some stomach problems and began to make progress. Ashley was proud of the kitten’s resilience as she observed how eagerly she nursed from the bottle during feeding time.

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In just a week, the premature kitten under her care had transformed into a plump, above-average bundle of fur. The transformation was no walk in the park for both of them, and at some point, she feared losing the feline. Nevertheless, when the little one opened her eyes, her inquisitiveness knew no bounds. She would often ask to be held, inspecting her environment and occasionally nuzzling her foster mom’s hand in search of milk.

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Upon Ashley’s decision to provide a more comfortable play area for her kitten, the other resident cats welcomed the little feline and even extended their help. They spent time with her, showing her how to socialize with other cats properly and maintain cleanliness while playing with toys. Biscuit, the tabby cat among the group, exhibited exceptional patience by allowing the playful kitten to tug on his tail for as long as she desired.

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Chihiro is a playful kitten who enjoys pouncing and stalking her human companions and feline friends. She’s also been practicing jumping on and off furniture, displaying a great sense of adventure. One of her favorite activities, however, is cuddling. Once she discovered the joys of snuggling up to her owners and cat siblings, she couldn’t get enough of it. In fact, she even started taking rides on their shoulders and napping contentedly in their arms.

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Ashley shared that this adorable girl spends her days cuddling, chirping and trilling, and has managed to win the hearts of everyone in the house. The company of a furry feline friend who loves to snuggle on a warm lap and purr loudly makes her the happiest cat around.

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Chihiro is a cuddly cat who loves to snuggle right under our chins and extend her paws to touch our faces. She is always seeking to sleep on our laps, making her a true lap cat. She responds to her name when called and is quite affectionate. Even the most aloof cat in the home can’t resist Chihiro’s charms.

kitten cat snuggly friends

The little kitty is now three months old and is eager to find a loving home where she will be showered with affection and pampered. She is in search of a family that will provide her with plenty of playmates and cuddle buddies who share her feline nature.

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When my furry friend becomes exhausted, she desires to cuddle up next to me. She enjoys collapsing below my chin with complete assurance that I will catch her (although occasionally, I am unable to react quickly enough and she slips down my arm).

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This adorable little cherub pours her heart into everything she does, from playing to loving. She is an absolute gem, and all those nights spent awake were completely worth it.

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