Rejected Blind Senior Cat Travels 1300 Miles in Search of Forever Home

Introducing our Meow Mail sponsored feline of the month, Griffin! This adorable fella is an enigma. According to Sarah Richardson, a critical care cat rescuer for Community Cats of Central Arkansas, he was abandoned in someone’s yard because they were fed up with taking care of him. Little did she know that this remarkable cat was anything but ordinary.

Griffin’s origins are fascinating. He was initially purchased from a breeder in Arizona, yet somehow ended up in an animal shelter in a tiny town in Arkansas. Unfortunately, the shelter was planning to put down the remaining cats, and Griffin was no exception. Despite being visually impaired and around 15 years old, this majestic creature deserved a second chance at life.

After learning that Griffin was at risk of being put down due to his age, a compassionate woman stepped forward to adopt him and give him a new lease on life. However, she soon discovered that Griffin was not your average house cat. As a Savannah cat, he had inherited the traits of his wild serval ancestors, including a strong prey drive and a need for lots of exercise. Unfortunately, living in an indoor environment without enough stimulation led to destructive behavior that the woman wasn’t prepared for. Despite the challenges, she remained committed to finding a solution for Griffin’s needs and helping him thrive in his new home.

Griffin had to stay in the woman’s backyard after being kept indoors for two weeks. Sadly, the heat made him severely sick and dehydrated, forcing the woman to give him up to Community Cats of Central Arkansas. When Sarah found out about Griffin, she showed his picture to her vet who confirmed that he was a Savannah cat. When Sarah went to retrieve Griffin, she was taken aback by what she saw.

Sarah recounted how Griffin was severely underweight, with only his skin and bones remaining. This was a far cry from the healthy weight range of 20-25 pounds for Savannah cats. Despite being just 7 pounds, pictures couldn’t convey the true gravity of his condition. As Sarah dug deeper, she found out that Griffin was microchipped and had been sold by an Arizona breeder. The fact that a 15-year-old exotic cat from Arizona was on the verge of death in rural Arkansas left her stunned and puzzled.

The mystery of Griffin’s past was finally unraveled as she dug deeper into his microchip records and made several calls. It turned out that Griffin had moved to five different homes before finally finding a home with her. Unfortunately, none of his previous owners had shown any interest in taking him back or even cared about his well-being. It was heartbreaking to learn that instead of living with a loving family, Griffin had been dragged across 1,300 miles and rejected time and time again over the course of 15 years.

Griffin is currently facing multiple health issues including double cataracts, early stage kidney failure, and a severe UTI. However, Sarah quickly took action by providing him with antibiotics and IV fluids to prevent any further complications. To stabilize his condition, Griffin will require a specialized treatment plan and diet. Despite his fragile state, Griffin has shown immense strength and determination to keep on living. Sarah believes that he deserves to spend his golden years being cherished and nurtured, and she is committed to finding him a loving forever family. After all the hardships he has endured, Griffin deserves nothing less than unconditional love and care.

The story of Griffin, a sweet cat who spent most of his life bouncing between shelters and homes that rejected him, has thankfully come to a happy ending. After finally finding a safe place he could call home, Griffin was blessed with specialized care for the rest of his life by the veterinarian treating him. Even though it was uncertain how long he would live, one thing was certain: he was loved unconditionally. Now, he can spend the remainder of his life being cared for and loved the way he always deserved.

It is with great sadness, however, that we inform everyone of Griffin’s passing in an update dated 11/12/22. Despite the efforts of everyone who fought hard to help him recover, his health suddenly took a turn for the worse. Griffin will be missed dearly, but his memory will live on in everyone’s hearts. We hope his story serves as a reminder to adopt senior cats and not purchase from breeders.

If you’d like to make a donation in honor of Griffin, please donate to the senior cat fund through our Meow Mail program. Community Cats of Central AR is a small 501(c)3 non-profit rescue organization that rescues senior cats, many of whom have been abandoned or need to be pulled from shelters to prevent euthanasia. They rely on donations from kind-hearted individuals to continue saving cats and kittens that have suffered from neglect, abuse, or abandonment. By donating as little as $10, you’ll receive a progress picture and heartwarming update on how your donation changed a senior cat’s life. Please consider making a recurring donation to receive Meow Mail each month for future cats and kittens in critical condition. Every cat deserves unconditional love, regardless of their age, breed, or health.

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