My Big, Fluffy Poodle’s Daily Routine

The owner of a large dog proves that it takes a lot of effort to care for them, but we believe that big dogs are amazing because they offer more love and companionship. Meet Sawol, an utterly charming giant poodle who belongs to the Standard Poodle breed. Sawol was born on April 19, 2019, and despite starting out as a small puppy, she has grown into a fun-loving, lively, and cute young lady.

Sawol, a poodle, is one clever pup and quite adorable with her athletic abilities. She loves to have fun and be pampered by her owner who has their hands full with her busy schedule. Sawol’s daily routine is quite demanding and includes not one but two baths! She’s up with the sun and makes sure her owner is too, as there is no time for sleeping in. She eagerly awaits her breakfast, which includes a mix of dry food and fresh meat that is carefully warmed for her pleasure.

In the YouTube clip, we see Sawol, a cute and determined poodle, calmly observing her owner cleaning up her potty area. However, her energy doesn’t wane as she quickly grabs her leash and brings it to her human, who is trying to take a rest on the couch. It’s impossible to ignore Sawol’s eagerness to go for a walk, so it’s best to get up and avoid getting pounced on. The irresistible pup takes the lead on their walk, at least for a portion of it.

Following her daily walk, the adorable dog receives a bath to wash off the dirt. Once cleaned up, she is blow-dried and ready to take a nap. However, her day still has more activities in store. Later in the afternoon, she is looked after by her grandmother until her owner returns home from work. Sawol’s happiness knows no bounds when her owner comes back and she expresses her excitement by showering cuddles and hugs. Despite the enthusiasm, it’s not long before she needs another walk, complete with a brief but energetic zoomie session. Clearly, this pup knows how to enjoy life to the fullest!

Watching her nighttime walk and playtime is a true joy. She loves to bounce, jump, and play fetch, and seeing her so happy will put a smile on your face. Once playtime is over, it’s time to wash her off and start the bath time routine all over again. After her bath, it’s time for some warmed kibble, more playtime, and even some trick training before settling in for cuddle time before bed. It’s amazing how much fun can be packed into just one day with such an adorable pup.

Sawol is not only a handful but also incredibly amusing. She’s an adorable girl who savors every moment of her existence. We trust that you relished watching her video. Don’t hesitate to spread the joy by sharing it with your buddies.

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