“Meet the Adorable Chowder: A Furry Chow Chow Who Looks Like a Real-Life Teddy Bear!”

At first glance, you could easily mistake this adorable creature for a cuddly teddy bear. However, don’t be fooled- he’s actually a lovable pup that goes by the name Chowder.

Meet Chowder, a lovable six-year-old Chow Chow residing in Manila, Philippines. This adorable pooch has gained a massive following online due to his striking resemblance to a giant teddy bear. With his fluffy fur, chubby face, and big nose, Chowder weighs around 20kg and looks just like a cuddly toy.

Chowder bears an uncanny resemblance to an actual bear, hence earning himself the nickname “Chowder the Bear Dog.” His Instagram account, which was created in early 2015, has garnered a massive following with thousands of fans who simply can’t get enough of his adorable pictures and videos.

According to Bernice Lozano, the proud owner of Chowder, she never anticipated the immense popularity her furry companion would gain. Whenever they are out in public at the mall, people can’t help but stop and admire the cuteness of Chowder, taking countless photos and videos of him.

Bernice is full of joy as his doggo brings smiles to people’s faces, which is what matters the most to him. Whenever people meet Chowder, they gush over how much he resembles a teddy bear which is commonly heard by Bernice.

Bernice explained that their parents gave him as a present, and he possesses distinct characteristics that resemble a bear. She attributed this to his grooming, the shade of his fur, and the rounded shape of his snout.

According to Bernice, the dog is not very active and prefers to spend most of its time eating and resting inside the house.

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