“Meet Chowder: The Furry and Adorable Chow Chow Pup with the Look of a Cuddly Teddy Bear”

At first glance, Chowder may resemble a cuddly teddy bear, but he’s actually a canine companion with his own unique personality.

Meet Chowder, the lovable six-year-old Chow Chow from Manila, Philippines. This adorable pooch has taken the internet by storm due to his striking resemblance to a giant teddy bear. With his fluffy coat, big snout, and round chubby face, Chowder looks like a real-life 20kg teddy bear.

Chowder, a furry canine, bears a striking resemblance to a bear and has therefore earned himself the moniker of “Chowder the Bear Dog.” Ever since he made his debut on Instagram in 2015, he has garnered a massive following of fans who simply cannot get enough of his adorable pictures and videos.

According to Bernice Lozano, the proud owner of Chowder, she never anticipated the immense popularity that her furry companion would attract. Whenever they go out in public, people can’t help but stop and admire Chowder’s cuteness, with many even taking pictures or videos of him.

Bernice is overjoyed by the fact that his furry companion has the power to bring joy and happiness to others. For him, this is the ultimate goal. He shared that whenever people meet Chowder, they cannot help but exclaim, “Oh my God, he looks like a teddy bear!”

According to Bernice, their parents gave them a pet that resembles a bear with its distinct features. While grooming plays a major role in the bear-like appearance, the color of its fur and the round shape of its snout also contribute to the resemblance.

According to Bernice, her dog is quite lethargic and enjoys spending most of his time eating and lounging around their home.

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