“Maggie Mae’s Heartwarming Tale: A Senior Cat Mom’s Journey to her Forever Home”

Rescue felines are a testament to the fact that some of the most impressive and majestic cats are found in shelters. Even though we may not have complete information about our pet’s family background, we can make some educated guesses about where they came from. Maggie Mae, a stunningly fluffy calico cat, was once a homeless kitty without a place to call home. After being rescued, her new owner provided her with a loving home and a new name, and it wasn’t long before she started shining like a superstar. Now, she spends her days receiving love and attention, and it’s evident that she wouldn’t prefer anything else!

Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae

What inspired the name Maggie Mae?
Maggie Mae was named in honor of my grandmother, who had a significant impact on my life. My grandmother was born in Racine, WI, in 1914 to Danish immigrants and her given name was Magdalene Martine Hoyer. However, due to the trend of short names during her time, she was often referred to by various nicknames such as Lane, Lena, Elaine, Mag, and Maggie. The Mae in Maggie Mae is a shortened version of her middle name, Martine. Interestingly, my grandmother was not fond of pets, so I am uncertain if she would be pleased with having a cat named after her.

Additionally, I discovered that the current Queen of Denmark’s name is Margrethe II, and I couldn’t help but wonder if she ever went by “Maggie” (although it’s more likely “Margie”). Maggie Mae does occasionally act like royalty in how she carries herself and where she lounges in the house. She definitely reigns supreme in our home, which makes the connection to the regal name even more fitting.

Maggie Mae

What is her personality like?
She is an independent cat who won’t let anyone pick her up or hold her unless there are treats involved. She is also very curious, always investigating everything her owner does, eats, and drinks. She can be quite stubborn, never accepting “no” and always coming back until she achieves her goal. Her intense hunting instinct is evident as she waits patiently for hours to catch birds outside the patio door. While affectionate, she shows it on her own terms, using face-washing and nibbling to express her emotions. She is sensitive to her owner’s needs, watching over them when they are unwell and waking them from bad dreams. Her purring is a good indicator of her level of happiness, as it has grown louder and more frequent since her adoption.

Gain exclusive access to new content such as articles, guides, reviews, fun feline facts, and much more. My cat is a fastidious creature who takes great care in her hygiene, litter box usage, and food service. She becomes intensely distressed if she has an accident, such as vomiting or excreting outside of the litter box. She appears embarrassed and will try to conceal the issue by rolling up a rug or using paper to cover the mess while howling repeatedly to gain my attention.

My feline friend is also quite vocal and will loudly protest if she is displeased with her litter box’s condition or wants something. She is social and curious, earning the love of my neighbors who consider her the apartment building’s “greeter.” She enjoys listening at the door for voices in the hallway and going outside to look for someone who will give her some attention, but she tends to retreat back to my apartment if she meets someone new. Some people have become close to her, and she circles around them with her tail high in the air, scratching on the door, and meowing in anticipation when she hears the entrance phone ring.

Despite her lively nature, my cat is also laidback and loves spending time lounging in the sun or napping in a cozy chair. She has energetic play sessions where she races around like a NASCAR nut and has nightly soccer scrums with her toys. She adores “spa” time and brushing but is equally delighted just to relax and snooze.

My cat is well-behaved and polite, having been trained not to climb on counters, furniture, or beds without permission. She has excellent manners and is careful when taking treats from my hand, licking them instead of biting. As we have grown more comfortable with each other over the years, I have taught her some tricks, and she has become more confident as a result. We have learned to read each other’s cues and developed a strong bond.

What are Maggie Mae’s favorite pastimes? She enjoys bird watching/hunting. One unique fact about her is that she was originally called “Miss Poppet” when she was picked up from an animal shelter. At the time, she was a skinny wanderer who weighed only five pounds and was estimated to be between two and four years old. Although Maggie Mae has suffered from chronic irritable bowel issues, they have finally resolved in the past couple of months with a new treatment regimen. Since becoming my companion, she has thrived, as evidenced by the photos. Maggie Mae loves to wake me up by giving me full-face washes every morning, starting at my nose. Throughout the day, she continues to give me “facials” if she catches me sitting or lying down and wants my attention. It’s a good thing I don’t wear makeup or skin cream, or else she might inadvertently poison herself! Additionally, whenever she meets someone new, she has a habit of smelling their breath, which I find to be a fascinating trait. As a disabled senior citizen, our quiet and sedentary lifestyle works well for us. Maggie Mae serves as an emotional support animal for me, providing me with several reasons to get up each day (such as her demanding meow for food!). Together, we’re a happy duo living by the words of the old poem: “Come, grow old with me. The best is yet to be!”

I would like to express my gratitude towards Joan, the proud owner of Maggie Mae, for granting me permission to feature their story and pictures on Cattitude Daily. Cheers to the fantastic duo for a long and happy life together, and it fills me with joy to see them united. Life often has beautiful surprises in store for us, and Maggie is an excellent example of this!

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