Love at First Sight: Couple Adopts 33-Pound Cat and Commences Weight Loss Journey

Bronson is a big-boned feline with a unique coat hue, tipping the scales at a whopping 33 pounds while residing at the Humane Society in Michigan. However, a loving couple spotted Bronson and immediately fell head over heels for him, bringing him home and embarking on a quest to help him shed his excess weight. Now, he’s a dashing lad weighing in at 17.3 pounds, boasting an impressive Instagram following of nearly 300K fans. With his irresistible charm, it’s only a matter of time before even more cat enthusiasts become acquainted with Bronson. Say hello to this affable giant, who joined the couple’s existing pair of kitties just a few months back.

Several years back, Mike Wilson and Megan Hanneman jointly established a company that specializes in designing cat furniture, particularly wall-mounted products. To ensure that their ideas were cat-approved, the Michigan-based couple tested them on their two feline companions at home. Not content with just two cats, they resolved to adopt yet another one who would fit in famously with their existing pets. One fine day, they decided to pay a visit to the Humane Society to discover their perfect kitty. However, rather than opting for a conventionally beautiful cat with big, bright eyes, they chose an unusual one: a gigantic feline with polydactyl paws (extra thumbs for more fun!) that oddly resembled their home state of Michigan! One day, with only 45 minutes to spare before work, the couple ventured to a nearby Humane Society to see if they could find their latest addition to the family.

When the couple visited the shelter for the first time, they were unable to see Bronson face-to-face. They were informed by the receptionist that an interview with a staff member was necessary before meeting him. As a result, they caught a glimpse of his backside and had to wait for another day to meet him properly. Upon their return, the couple was overjoyed to finally meet the adorable kitty they had been talking about. They planned to help Bronson lose weight by providing him with a suitable diet plan. According to sources, his previous owner had passed away, leading Bronson to eat leftover food instead of a healthy, grain-free diet. The couple’s love for Bronson was instantaneous, and they couldn’t stop smiling during their visit. They were especially drawn to this gentle giant named Bronson.

Upon their arrival home, the couple promptly arranged for Bronson’s initial veterinary appointment. His impressive physical stature, adorable countenance, and charming mittens drew the attention of doctors and veterinary technicians alike, who frequently visited to admire Bronson’s attractiveness. His amiable disposition makes him a beloved companion to everyone who encounters him. Following their departure, the couple could not cease discussing Bronson and the joy it would bring them to adopt him and assist him in shedding his excess weight.

To begin with, Wilson and Hanneman have been gradually adjusting the amount of calories their cat consumes in a day. They regularly monitor his weight to make sure he is comfortable with smaller portions. In addition, they have incorporated exercise into his daily routine to speed up the weight loss process. They have changed his exercise routine a few times, starting with playing with toys while he lies down for about 20 minutes a day. They also carry him downstairs so he has to climb back up to get to his favorite napping spot.

After adopting the cat, they went to the Humane Society the following day to inquire about his past. However, the staff informed them that the only information they had was that his previous owner had passed away.

Bronson’s weight has posed some challenges, as allowing him to climb stairs with his chonky body could lead to joint damage or injury. As a result, his owners have adjusted his exercise routine to better suit his needs. Currently, Bronson’s routine involves moving his food dish around the room to promote walking, as well as playing with toys while lying down. His favorite toy is a catnip-filled tomato, which he enjoys attacking and kicking with his back feet. Given that Bronson weighed 33 pounds at only three years old, it’s suspected that an elderly person may have been feeding him table scraps or other unhealthy foods.

When Bronson was still quite big, his owners struggled to carry him without hurting him. So, they came up with a unique solution – the “transportation pillow”. Essentially, this is just a pillow that they use to carry Bronson, which allows them to bring him to the living room without causing any discomfort. Mike and Megan fell in love with Bronson instantly when they met him, and they couldn’t stop smiling.

Bronson’s adoptive parents have put in a lot of effort to ensure their feline friend stays healthy. The couple shared that Bronson always sleeps with his favorite item and they have received a lot of useful tips on how to keep him fit. Thanks to their hard work, Bronson has shed 1.6 pounds and is well on his way to reaching his goal of losing one pound per month. Although he may not be ready to climb the walls like other cats, his unique personality still shines through. The couple is thrilled to have such a sweet and happy cat as part of their family.

Upon welcoming Bronson to their home, the pair made arrangements for his initial trip to the veterinarian.

It is crucial for overweight felines to shed the extra pounds gradually in order to prevent the development of Fatty Liver Disease, a serious condition that can result in fatal consequences.

Bronson’s adoptive parents have made changes to his food intake on three separate occasions since bringing him home, but they believe that he is now on a healthy track towards shedding excess weight.

At present, his daily intake amounts to 375 calories. The kibble and grain-free wet food contribute equally to this amount.

They have also altered his workout regimen on multiple occasions.

My furry friend’s workout regimen involved some creative moves – he would push his food bowl around the house to get some steps in, and even play with his toys while lounging on his back.

My furry friend has a particular fondness for a toy that brings him endless joy – a tomato stuffed with catnip. He cannot resist the temptation to pounce on it, sink his teeth into it and give it a good thrashing with his hind legs. It’s undoubtedly his top pick when it comes to toys.

The individual’s weight loss progress is being documented on an Instagram account created specifically for this purpose. This allows interested individuals to follow and track their journey.

From the very start, it was apparent that transporting Bronson would pose a challenge. He’s a massive dog with a lot of weight concentrated in his chest region, making it difficult to lift him without causing discomfort or compressing him.

In order to address this issue, they employed a pillow that proved to be an effective solution for bringing him to the living room without causing any discomfort.

Bronson is loved by many people for his endearing traits. One of the most adorable things about him is that he enjoys sleeping with a pillow almost every time.

The person mentioned in this statement doesn’t seem to have any reservations when it comes to occupying a considerable portion of the bed. In fact, the bed has been divided into three parts to accommodate his excessive sprawl.

Our aim is for Bronson to shed one pound every month, and he’s already managed to lose 1.6 pounds, which indicates that he’s making good progress towards a healthier lifestyle.

The little kitty isn’t quite prepared to hang out with the rest of his feline friends and jump onto the furniture on the wall yet, but everyone is confident that he will get there eventually.

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