“Love at First Lick: How a Three-Legged Pup Showed Gratitude to Her Rescuers”

The other day, Cassady Caldwell, CEO of Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL), received a notification on Facebook that caught her attention. Although she was used to receiving messages about local animals in need, this tagged post was different. Upon opening her phone, Caldwell saw a stunning husky with heartbroken eyes and a severely injured leg. The pup was obviously in critical condition and required immediate attention.
Caldwell quickly arranged for the husky, later named Consuela, to be transported to SRSL’s headquarters. Upon arrival, the veterinary team confirmed Caldwell’s suspicions about Consuela’s injury. “She had something wrapped very tightly around her foot,” SRSL reported on Facebook. “An emergency amputation was required.”

Fortunately, Consuela had a caring team of caregivers to assist her as her leg was beyond repair. SRSL wrote, “You’ll feel much better soon, and we assure you that you’ll be able to get around perfectly on three legs.” Despite the procedure’s preparation by SRSL’s veterinary team, the affectionate pup remained calm. After waking up following the surgery, Consuela felt a significant relief as she lost a leg. Before the amputation, Consuela was in so much discomfort that she couldn’t interact much with her new acquaintances. However, the situation changed after her surgery as she expressed immense gratitude by showering them with kisses.

According to a Facebook post by SRSL, after undergoing an emergency leg amputation, Consuela is grateful and living pain-free. She seems to be enjoying the attention and her personality has brightened up after the procedure. Rescuers are delighted to witness her thriving without any discomfort. They describe her as having a beautiful soul and being a true gem.

The volunteers at SRSL were thrilled to receive Consuela’s affection, but they realized that she needed a peaceful home to recover instead of staying at the shelter. Therefore, they set out to find a foster family for her. Their efforts paid off in just a week’s time when Consuela was matched with a loving and nurturing foster home. On their Facebook page, SRSL announced that Consuela would now have a chance to heal and thrive in a calm environment.

Consuela is currently in recovery, but she is fortunate to have an amazing foster family to provide her with the care she needs. Once she is back to her old self, it will be time for Consuela to begin her search for a forever home. Stray Rescue of St. Louis is pleased to see that Consuela is happier than ever and excited for what lies ahead. According to SRSL, “She is grateful to be free from her past trauma, and her future is incredibly bright!” To aid dogs in need like Consuela, you can help by donating to Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

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