Joyful Kitten Can’t Wait to Reunite with Siblings After Hospital Stay

The lady quickly responded to save a group of kittens, but realized that one of them was behaving strangely. Continue reading to discover how a compassionate stranger helped this abandoned kitten escape death!

While browsing on Facebook, Stephanie Pinkerton, a passionate cat rescuer based in Central Arkansas, stumbled upon an intriguing post. The post reported three young kittens that were discovered without a mother. Unfortunately, the kittens needed to be bottle-fed since they had no parent to care for them. Being an experienced kitten feeder and having a nursing feline at home, Stephanie felt compelled to help the defenseless animals. Quickly taking action, Stephanie made her way to the location and rescued the kittens from danger, allowing them to have a chance at life.

A heartwarming tale of a compassionate cat’s love for her adopted babies has been making the rounds. The story starts with a rescue effort to save a litter of kittens and finding them a foster mother. The foster mom, Stephanie, was concerned about how her own cat would handle the new addition to the family. Britta, the mama cat, had struggled with nursing her own kittens when Stephanie found her. However, with patience and care, Britta proved to be an exceptional mother, showering her adopted babies with all the love and attention they needed.

Stephanie had high hopes that Britta would be a nurturing mother to the orphaned kittens. With bated breath, Stephanie introduced Britta to the little ones and allowed her to acquaint herself with them. Then, she carefully guided the kittens towards Britta’s belly, hoping they would latch on and nurse. To Stephanie’s delight, Britta welcomed the kittens with open arms and allowed them to nurse right away.

A Turn for the Worse
In the first few days, the kittens seemed to be in good health. However, things took a sudden turn for the worse for Mochi after about a week. Stephanie, the owner, noticed a little vomit on the floor on June 9th, but she couldn’t determine which kitten it came from since there were two others in the room. She kept a close watch on them to decide what to do next.

Keeping a Close Watch
Stephanie was suspicious that one of the kittens wasn’t feeling well. Later in the evening, she found a large amount of vomit on the floor with an unusual color, leading her to believe that Mochi was unwell. He refused food and had diarrhea all over his back, which indicated that he was not improving.

Stephanie had a feeling that Mochi was struggling with some kind of stomach issue, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on how severe it was. One day, when she went to pick him up, she noticed that he was visibly uncomfortable and tense. Upon trying to lift him, he let out a sharp cry of pain. Stephanie knew that she couldn’t wait any longer and that Mochi needed urgent medical attention. She took him straight to the emergency veterinary hospital because she realized that the issue was beyond her ability to fix.

The fate of Mochi, a young kitten, was uncertain when he was brought to the vets for his poor health condition. The vets conducted several tests and diagnosed him with a bacterial infection and iron deficiency. Since Mochi’s health was critical, the vets immediately started his treatment by putting him on an IV. However, due to the high risk of death associated with young kittens like Mochi, the vets were not sure if he could recover. Stephanie, Mochi’s owner, was informed about the situation and was told that no news from the vets could mean good news. Stephanie waited anxiously, and the next morning she contacted the vets to inquire about Mochi’s condition. Fortunately, the reports from the vets were positive, and Mochi had shown significant improvement in his health.

Journey to Healing
After Mochi’s stint at the animal hospital, Stephanie transferred him to their local vet for further recovery. He was kept on the IV to make sure he was getting the necessary fluids and medications. Mochi’s condition improved as he regained his strength while staying at the vet. He stayed there for several more days until he was stable enough to go home. With the continued course of antibiotics, Mochi’s symptoms gradually disappeared, giving hope to Stephanie that he will fully recover.

After getting the clear from the vet, Stephanie finally brought Mochi back home. According to her, he has been doing really well and has been eating like a pro! Initially, she placed him in a separate room for safety reasons. However, she got worried when he started crying again. It turns out that he wasn’t in pain but he simply missed his siblings and foster mom. Thankfully, when she reunited him with Britta and the rest of his family, Mochi became a happy and healthy kitten again.

Mochi spent a delightful few hours curled up with his family, emitting loud purrs of contentment. He would happily frolic and tumble with his siblings during playtime. It was evident how much he cherished being reunited with those who meant the most to him.
As for now, Mochi has completely recuperated from his ailment and is no longer anemic. In just a few short months, he will be neutered and up for adoption. Meanwhile, Mochi eagerly anticipates more days filled with cuddles, scrumptious treats, and plenty of love!

Stephanie has a noble cause- to save felines in dire situations, be it cats or kittens. She believes in sterilizing every cat she rescues, including Mochi and his siblings, before finding a permanent home for them. Stephanie doesn’t get any external funding and depends entirely on generous people to donate food, kitten formula, and other supplies to keep her mission going.

If you’re interested in supporting Stephanie’s efforts to rescue cats and kittens, you can make a difference by donating food and supplies through her Amazon Wishlist. Additionally, make sure to stay connected with her on Facebook to stay informed about the latest rescues and updates.

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