Introducing ‘Dirt’: The Adorable Nevada Railway Feline Who Perpetually Appears In Need of a Scrub

Hello fellow adventure-seekers! Are you in a dilemma about where to travel this weekend? Have you already ticked off most of the places on your travel list? Well, here’s an exciting suggestion for you – visit the Nevada Northern Railway and meet their coal-covered kitty! This unique destination offers a glimpse into the vintage and historical railroad tales, the origins of classic trains, and the charming Dirt the cat, who is the official mascot and greeter of the railway. It’s a trip you won’t want to miss!

In the year 2008, Dirt and his siblings were born in the main locomotive repair shop. One day, fate intervened and Dirt found himself all alone after his mother and siblings disappeared. Being in an unfamiliar environment, the little guy was scared and couldn’t move. Nevertheless, Dirt had a beautiful white and orange coat that caught the attention of the crews in the East Ely Railroad. They grew fond of the tiny orange purr ball and started leaving a can of tuna on a chair every night for him to eat. Eric Mencis, who happens to be the manager of guest services and social media director of the railroad, has seen Dirt grow from a young kitten. According to Eric, Dirt is different from other cats as he doesn’t like to groom himself. This uniqueness inspired the name Dirt.

Mencis revealed that the feline’s fur pattern was originally white and orange. However, due to the cat’s tendency to roll around in the dirt and climb on trains, his once pristine white fur became stained with a grey hue. According to Mencis, the cat – named Dirt – has learned not to clean himself like other felines. As part stray, Dirt prefers to maintain an oily and dirty appearance to maintain a tough image, which oddly enough, keeps him clean as bugs don’t go near him and things don’t stick to his fur.

Dirt, the adventurous feline, enjoys exploring the coal-covered terrain and scaling the train tracks like a true boss. He is now a beloved mascot of the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum and goes by the nickname “King of the Shop”. Visitors from all over are eager to catch a glimpse of this famous cat, who has become quite the celebrity with his photogenic poses. The museum even held a contest where visitors could capture Dirt in action for a chance to win some coffee mugs and a special blend of coffee named after the cat himself.

If you’re into photography and love to capture the beauty of trains, then Dirt’s winter photo shoots are a must-visit. With authentic freight cars, period costumes worn by crew members, and stunning western North American scenery, you’ll get some amazing shots. During these photo shoots, 30 photographers are granted full access to the railroad, allowing them to roam around in the shops and ride the trains to capture the perfect picture. The trains are set up to be easily photographed, with opportunities to let photographers off and back up the train for another pass. So, if you’re looking for breathtaking pictures of trains, Dirt’s winter photo shoots are the way to go.

In addition to his adorable and distinctive markings, Dirt possesses the personality of a natural-born leader. However, being a leader isn’t always a walk in the park, even if Dirt makes it look easy! His current job is to patrol the railroad and inspect every inch of it to ensure that everything is in perfect working order. He expresses his appreciation for those who work hard by purring happily. When you gaze into his eyes, it speaks volumes about his character. Mencis claims that Dirt is one of the oldest railroaders still alive today, even though he is just a cat.

Dirt strolls around the shop with an air of authority, overseeing that all operations are functioning smoothly. He embodies the archetype of a self-made boss who began as a lowly employee and climbed up the ranks through perseverance. Dirt understands the grueling nature of the job, but he has unwavering confidence in his team’s capability to tackle any challenge. He roams around the engine house with a sense of reverence, treating the trains under his care like they are his own.

Dirt the cat has become the star attraction of Nevada Northern Railway, drawing around 30,000 tourists annually. Visitors flock to see the railway’s vintage scenery and take a ride on a train that is over a century old. But it’s Dirt who steals the show with his playful antics and love for attention. The guided tours, lasting an hour, often have Dirt tagging along with the group. Even those on self-guided tours get to meet Dirt as he curiously checks out each visitor. According to Mencis, Dirt has become a lively symbol of Nevada and a must-see for those visiting the area.

The manager made a surprising discovery about Dirt’s fame. He shared that when he uploaded photos of Dirt on Facebook with a caption expressing a desire to explore the globe, he was amazed by the overwhelming number of likes and shares. It was unexpected for him to realize that the beloved mascot of the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum had gained a huge following on the internet.

One of their volunteers, a photographer named Steve Crise, captured an incredible photo of Dirt the cat that quickly gained popularity. The photo showcased Dirt’s unique personality, which the team at Nevada Northern Railway has since used to engage with his fans. For example, they would share a picture of Dirt in front of a steam train and caption it with a quote like “Dirt says come on boys, we got to get this thing fired up, we have trains running this weekend, let’s get to work.” People have loved this approach, and Dirt has become a well-known figure at the railway. If you’re a cat lover looking for a peaceful vacation destination, don’t hesitate to visit Nevada Northern Railway and meet Dirt in person!

Many individuals acknowledge that his unique patterns give him the appearance of being perfectly suited to spend his days “working” among railway engines.

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