How Our Search for a Lost Cat Led Us to Rescue a Mother Cat and Her Kittens

A group of kin set out to locate their lost feline, only to stumble upon a juvenile cat accompanied by her litter of kittens that were in dire need of assistance.

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Celine from @comrescuemontreal found Hestia, a neglected stray cat who was desperately searching for food and shelter. Arianne and John had been on the lookout for their lost feline when they received some leads from concerned neighbors who spotted their posters. Upon investigating one of the sightings, they stumbled upon Hestia, who was in a pitiable condition – skinny and covered in grime. They couldn’t bear to leave her alone and hungry, so they took her home, fed her and gave her water. Hestia was so grateful that she ate heartily and then showed her appreciation by purring and rubbing against her rescuers.

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Celine from @comrescuemontreal found a hungry stray cat. The following day, the couple who took her in were surprised to find signs of her being a nursing mom. After feeding and hydrating, the cat started producing milk. The couple made inquiries within the neighborhood to see if anyone recognized her. Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared this heartwarming story with Love Meow.

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Hestia, a skinny and sickly cat, was found by a couple who were concerned about her well-being. She seemed to have no one looking after her and was likely to perish if left alone in the outdoors. The couple decided to help the poor animal and went on a mission to find her kittens. They returned to the place where they found Hestia and hoped that she would lead them to her babies. The cat appeared more at ease during the nighttime and started to guide her rescuers to a garden in the neighborhood.

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According to Celine from @comrescuemontreal, the couple decided to postpone their rescue mission until the next morning as it was already very late and the homeowner was asleep. The duo was granted permission to enter the garden where the cat was last seen. With the help of the cat, they were able to locate a shed where the feline immediately ran inside upon opening the door. It was then that they heard cries coming from a box, and they discovered the kittens.

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According to Celine’s post on @comrescuemontreal, a heroic cat named Hestia guided her rescuers to her quartet of precious babies who were all safe and sound. Chatons Orphelins Montreal opened their arms to the feline family of five and provided them with a cozy living space and a loving foster home where they could receive all the care and attention they needed. The kittens snuggled up to their mother, cuddled contentedly, and happily nursed away on her comforting belly.

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According to Celine from @comrescuemontreal, Hestia was given a refreshing bath and received treatment for her stomach issues. Thankfully, she has completely recovered now. Additionally, the four male kittens have grown significantly since their discovery in the shed.

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Celine, who goes by the handle @comrescuemontreal, shared an update that the kittens she rescued have become quite active, using their legs to run and climb. They have also started eating larger portions of cat food. Hestia, one of the rescued cats, has filled out and now has a beautiful, shiny coat. Celine notes that the kittens are gaining weight every day and their mother is always eager for attention and affection from humans.

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According to Celine from @comrescuemontreal, the four brothers spend their time sleeping, playing, and discovering new things together. These mischievous kittens enjoy bothering their mother while she eats. Although they have different personalities, they are all curious and full of energy. As soon as you enter the room, they will eagerly run towards you.

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Thanks to the generosity of Arianne and John, the feline mother and her little ones can now enjoy a safe and secure life without having to endure any more days in the great outdoors. Although the pair are still on the lookout for their feline companion, they find solace in the knowledge that these precious creatures have been rescued.

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Celine, who goes by the handle @comrescuemontreal, shared about a fortunate family of cats that they managed to save. According to her, the mother cat named Hestia is doing an excellent job caring for her litter of four kittens, who are all doing well.

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