“Hopeful Feline Wanderer Seeks Loving Home: The Tale of a Resilient Stray Cat”

Introducing Sara, an adorable 8-year-old feline rescued in Nashville, Tennessee. Despite her unfortunate past, Sara is eagerly waiting for someone to adopt her and give her the love she deserves. Madeline Fitzpatrick, Sara’s foster mother, shares her heartwarming story below.

An Unexpected Find
Sara was stumbled upon in the midst of a gang of untamed felines roaming the streets. Nevertheless, it was evident at first glance that she was not one of them. Sara’s breed is Persian, a luxurious and high-priced exotic cat that is typically bred by professionals. It was surprising to see this elegant and fancy Persian cat amid a group of feral ones. How did she end up there?

Sara’s background is shrouded in secrecy, yet it’s plausible that she was either left behind or wandered away. Despite this, no one has come forward to identify her. When found, Sara was in an appalling state and required intensive medical attention. She suffered from a grave case of pancreatitis and had a bowel blockage that necessitated an operation. In addition, she was afflicted with ear mites so severe that she now suffers from partial hearing loss.

Sara, a sweet girl with long hair, sadly had to be shaved due to severe matting. Nevertheless, her story took a turn for the better as several fosters and a skilled veterinarian came to her aid. Although her recovery was lengthy, Sara handled it like a champ! The vet who worked tirelessly to save her life was so greatly admired that Sara was named after her – Dr. Sara DVM. Today, this once severely matted pup is as good as new thanks to the love and care of those who helped her along the way.

Can you describe Sara’s character?
Well, I can say with confidence that Sara is proof that one can remain kind and positive despite facing tough challenges in life. She is truly a resilient and strong individual, and I couldn’t be more proud of her progress. Additionally, it’s easy to see that Sara thrives on attention and affection, as she absolutely loves it!

Sara is a sweet cat who loves to rub her head against our arms and legs as a way of asking politely for some petting. She sure has a great appetite for wet food, wand toys, and catnip floppy fish. She also enjoys watching cat TV for hours on end. Her favorite pastime is napping, especially when she’s snuggled up next to her foster mom. However, as much as she adores people, she’s not a big fan of other felines.

Sara is quite a feisty feline. She doesn’t hesitate to hiss even at her own reflection or when I attempt to take a selfie with her. Therefore, it would be ideal for her to find a home where she can be the only pet. Due to being a stray, Sara’s ear has a tip, but that does not diminish her charm. Let’s not forget that kitties with tipped ears also deserve love and care!

Meet Sara! She has received all her vaccinations and has been spayed, making her the perfect pet for adoption. While we love having her around, she’s eager to find her forever home where she can be surrounded by a loving family. All she dreams of is snuggling up in a comfortable home with her own family. Yet, surprisingly, we haven’t received any adoption requests for her, and we can’t help but wonder why no one seems to want her.

This adorable girl named Sara has been through a lot and deserves a loving forever home. Currently, she is in foster care in Nashville, TN and available for adoption through Fluff Nashville. To adopt her, simply fill out the adoption application by clicking the provided link. Please spread Sara’s story online to help her find that special someone who will give her the love she deserves. You can also follow Madeline on Instagram to see more of Sara’s journey. We are thrilled to announce that Sara has found a new home! Thanks to the amazing readers at National Kitty, her story was shared and reached the perfect match. Your contribution to her success is greatly appreciated. While it was tough for Madeline to say goodbye, she felt joy knowing that Sara will begin a new chapter of her life. Sara’s resilience and strength made it easy for her to find love again. Thank you for being a part of the National Kitty community and sharing our stories. By reading and supporting us, you’ve changed countless lives. Join our newsletter by clicking the button below if you haven’t already.

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