Hilarious Encounter: A Mischievous Possum Attempts to Snatch Cat’s Meal, but the Cat’s Response Is Pure Gold (See 7 Photos)

Have you ever thought about what you would do if someone stole your food? Would you give up or fight for your meal? Well, it seems that this female cat decided to take the first option when an uninvited guest – a bold and hairy possum – came and stole her dinner. The story was shared on Imgur by the cat owner, MrRogers247. Despite the possum’s indifference towards the food bowl, the cat begged him for some help. Her eyes were almost in tears, and she even tried to make friends with the wild possum, hoping to share the food with him.

Now, opossums may look a bit scary with their mouse-like appearance and long tails, but they are not usually dangerous and almost never carry rabies. Although they can chew and protect themselves, they are not considered a serious threat, so there was no need for concern. In the end, the final result is revealed in the last picture. You’ll see that the cat was safe all along and had a happy ending to her dinner ordeal. As she said, “Excuse me, that’s actually MY dinner!”

“Excuse me, could you lend me a hand?”

“I believe there’s been a mix-up, as my dinner seems to have ended up in the hands of this imposter by mistake.”

Do you really mean that? You’re only taking pictures while I am feeling famished. Anyway, it’s alright.

One thing I love to share is my preference for a particular type of food, which happens to be cat food.

“Alright, my apologies, have a good time.”

“Hey, dad?!” was the loud call that echoed through the house.

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