From Stray to Snuggle Buddy: The Heartwarming Tale of a Feral Cat’s Adoption

It can be quite a challenge to domesticate a feral cat as they are not accustomed to human interaction and are essentially wild animals. Feral cats live in colonies that are part of the natural wildlife, but this can lead to problems such as overpopulation since they are not neutered. However, there is hope for these cats as many animal communities are dedicated to helping them by trapping, spaying and releasing them back into their natural habitat. This helps to control their population and ensure that they can live healthy lives.

Despite their wild nature, feral cats are just as capable of being affectionate as domesticated ones. Take the case of McCavity (also known as Weasel), a timid feral cat in South Africa who was taken in by the Mercers family when she was just a kitten. The couple quickly grew fond of her and wanted to provide her with the best possible care. However, they had some reservations about bringing a wild cat into their home. David Mercer shared his concerns, saying, “We were worried that she might struggle to adjust to life in the city and living in close proximity to humans.”

When they decided to adopt Weasel, they welcomed her into their Cape Town apartment to let her experience the urban environment. However, it was not an easy transition for her as she had never seen highways, skyscrapers, or even another cat (except for karakals and leopards). Initially, she preferred to hide and only come out when necessary. The owner’s wife took pictures of her whenever she relaxed outdoors, which was a rare occurrence.

Weasel had been living with her human family for several months and she gradually became more comfortable around them. David, her owner, discovered that she was quite demanding and knew how to get what she wanted. For example, she would cry until he made room for her to snuggle between his legs on the bed.

Weasel has transformed into an affectionate furry friend who loves to doze off in various nooks and crannies around the house. She’s also fond of snuggling up on her owner’s lap and holding onto pieces of cloth tightly. Weasel has developed a deep attachment to her loving family and is enjoying her new, domesticated life compared to her previous wild existence. According to David, she still retains some of her innate feral instincts despite being officially adopted as a house cat.

Despite having a comfortable home in the Karoo Wildlife Center, she maintained her untamed spirit. She opted to venture into the vast wilderness of the center rather than becoming domesticated like a typical house cat.

Observe how Weasel is gently tapping her dad’s blanket with her paws in this video:

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