“From Rescue to Radiance: Meet the Grinning Pit Bull Who Found Her Forever Home”

Shortcake, the rescued pit bull, is an incredibly delightful and cheerful dog. Feeling low? Just one glance at her adorable pictures sporting a big smile is enough to uplift your spirits in no time!

This cute doggo used to have a not-so-happy life as a stray. Thankfully, she was rescued in 2016, although she had to deal with some serious health issues like hernia and mange. Luckily, her rescuers took good care of her and offered her for adoption. Amy Matsushima saw a photo of Shortcake online and felt an instant connection. Even though Shortcake wasn’t in good shape due to her condition, Amy knew she had to make her a part of her family. With the help of her foster family and rescue team, Shortcake quickly recovered and is now inseparable from her new owner. You’ll always see a huge grin on Shortcake’s face!

At the age of four, as shown in the video clip, she still enjoys smiling as her top activity, together with snuggling and engaging with children. She has a preference for exploring and fancies visiting the beach with her mother to have fun splashing around in the water.

Shortcake is more than just a cute dog – she’s also a social media star! With over 132,000 followers on Instagram, she’s quite the model. And it’s no surprise – her smile is absolutely contagious!

She’s quite the interesting individual, I must say. She’s even been known to flash a grin while soaking in the tub!

According to Amy, her companion is a fun-loving individual who enjoys making silly sounds and playing around when she’s awake. Despite being asleep, she still manages to smile and exude a positive aura most of the time.

So cute! If you found Shortcake as lovable as we did, feel free to share it with your Facebook buddies.

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