“From Heartbreak to Healing: A Rescued Kitten Finds Love and Happiness”

Introducing Miss Freddie, a stunning 3-year-old feline residing in Arizona. Before her adoption, she had to endure neglect and cruelty. However, thanks to the love of her new owner, she now leads a healthy and happy life. Frances, her loving mother, shares the heartwarming story of her beloved pet.

Frances had recently moved into her own apartment and felt it was time to welcome a furry friend into her life. Initially, she planned to adopt a young male kitten from a nearby shelter. Unfortunately, she learned that younger kittens are quickly adopted, which led to disappointment.

As she made her way towards the exit, Frances caught sight of Miss Freddie, who was then known as Gladys. The poor cat was curled up in one corner of her kennel, appearing as glum as Frances felt. Despite calling out to her, Gladys didn’t respond.

The shelter worker revealed that Gladys was seven months old and had been brought in by someone who discovered her taped up in a box and left to perish outdoors during Arizona’s scorching summer heat. Nevertheless, Frances knew that Gladys was meant to be hers, and without another thought, she took her home.

Today, Miss Freddie is a happy and healthy cat who loves nothing more than spending time with her devoted owner.

The initial picture captured the moment when Miss Freddie arrived at her new home from the animal shelter. It was evident from the picture that she was frightened and extremely undernourished, probably due to mistreatment in her earlier life. As soon as I saw her, I knew that I had to take her in and give her a better life. Hence, I decided to adopt her, and that’s how our wonderful journey began.

Now, you may be wondering how Miss Freddie got her name. Well, let me tell you… I am a huge fan of the rock band Queen and their lead singer, Freddie Mercury. Therefore, I initially went to the shelter looking for a male kitten that I could name after my favorite rock star. However, luck was not on my side, and I couldn’t find a male kitten that suited my choice.

That’s when I came across “Gladys,” who had encountered a miserable past. It was then that I decided to adopt her and changed her name to Freddie while completing her adoption forms. On social media, I always make sure to include “Miss” before her name to avoid any confusion.

Can you describe Miss Freddie’s personality?

After adopting my little girl, it took her some time to adjust to her new home. However, after a few weeks, she became comfortable enough to snuggle with me on the bed. Miss Freddie has a laid-back and mellow personality, but she does not hesitate to let me know when it is time for her meal. She is not fond of being picked up or held, although she can tolerate it briefly. As the queen of my house, Miss Freddie asserts her dominance without hesitation. In the past, Miss Freddie had a troubled and abusive history, but her unconditional love has transformed her into a happy little girl with the name of a true legend.

What are Miss Freddie’s favorite leisure activities?

Miss Freddie enjoys playing with her catnip mice, tossing them around and pouncing on them. However, these episodes of play are brief, and she often spends time looking out of different windows in the house, particularly the sliding glass door in her owner’s bedroom facing the backyard. She enjoys “chattering” at squirrels and birds for hours. Miss Freddie also loves her daily crunchy food and salmon-flavored treats, and is not hesitant to ask for them. She will sit on her owner’s storage chest and swat their hands until she gets what she wants.

How has Miss Freddie impacted her owner’s life?

Miss Freddie has provided companionship and helped her owner overcome feelings of loneliness and depression. Although she does not like being picked up, Miss Freddie knows when her owner needs affection and offers her own version of it. In addition to sharing peaceful and quiet moments, she also acts as a Bible reading buddy. Miss Freddie helps her owner in ways that she may not even realize, as she is such a significant part of her life.

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