“From Fighting Ring to Safe Haven: Meet the Adorable Bait Dog Who Found Comfort in a Security Blanket”

When Buddy the Pit Bull was finally saved from his past life as a bait dog for dog fighting, he had already suffered severe physical and emotional damage. His body was thin and weak, with puncture wounds and infections caused by the violence inflicted upon him. Understandably, Buddy was extremely frightened and traumatized by his experiences.

Despite escaping death, Bubby still faced several challenges. He spent the next two months confined to a garage, feeling worthless and hopeless. Thankfully, a woman came to his rescue and welcomed him into her care. As Bubby sat in her vehicle, he couldn’t help but feel confused and unsure of what was to come. Little did he know, his life was about to take a dramatic turn.

Bubby, a furry little creature, experienced love and care from his new mom for the first time which left him feeling overwhelmed. Gradually, his mom gave him enough space and time to cope with his shyness and fears at his own pace. As months passed, Bubby made an amazing physical and mental recovery that impressed everyone around him. He grew fond of his savior, his mom, but this attachment led to severe separation anxiety which was quite understandable given his past experiences. To help him feel secure and calm when left alone, his owner decided to crate train him. This was when Bubby discovered a newfound love for blankets and felt comfortable in them. Every morning, he would step out of his crate with his blanket and prance around the house snorting with happiness and wagging his tail away!

Over time, the painful memories and bad dreams that haunted him began to fade, but Baby’s cherished blanket routine remained a constant in his life. As he grew older, he developed a similar attachment to other familiar objects like pillows and toys – anything that gave him a sense of being at home. When Baby’s family adopted Simon, a rescue Pit Bull, to keep him company, they hoped that Bubby would outgrow his attachment to his blanket. However, this was not the case. Simon adored Bubby and looked up to him, and soon he too began to love blankets just as much as his brother did. It was heartwarming to see how these two sweet Pit Bulls bonded over their shared love of comfort and security.

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