From Cat Hater to Cat Savior: How Rescuing a Stray Feline Changed This Man’s Life

Initially not a fan of cats, a man had a change of heart after he began assisting a stray feline.

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In the Bronx, a concerned citizen stumbled upon a stray cat that appeared to be in poor health and lacking energy. The feline had been wandering around the area for some time before its condition worsened. Despite its weakened state, the cat was friendly with the resident who found it lying on their lawn. Recognizing the urgent need for medical attention, the resident contacted Little Wanderers NYC, a local animal rescue organization, to ask if they could provide assistance. Working alongside other volunteers from SaintSpiro Cat Rescue, the group was able to quickly transport the cat to a veterinarian for much-needed care.

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At the time of his arrival, the tabby cat was believed to be around seven years old. He came with multiple health problems ranging from respiratory infections to dental disease and skin issues. Nevertheless, Braveman remained optimistic and yearned for affection from those around him.

In the following months, Little Wanderers NYC worked tirelessly to nurse Braveman back to health. Despite the challenges he faced, he exhibited a great deal of bravery which earned him his name. Once he was deemed well enough to leave their care, Braveman was introduced to a couple who were just starting their journey as foster parents.

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Polina shared that due to the limited space in their small New York City apartment, they made a decision to foster a cat. Although her partner had never owned a cat before, he agreed to assist but expressed that he would never be fond of cats. When Braveman arrived at their apartment building with his belongings, the man was unimpressed but still accepted his new role as a foster dad.

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Braveman was filled with excitement as he embarked on a new adventure. The prospect of having a place to call home and a loving family to care for him was exhilarating. His friendly demeanor and adventurous spirit immediately won over the couple who took him in. However, Braveman was not yet fully recovered and required regular visits to the veterinarian to ensure his well-being.

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During Polina’s work hours, her partner worked from home and kept Braveman company. As a result, he took care of Braveman regularly, bringing him to appointments with specialists or emergency rooms at the Animal Medical Center. Polina expressed her gratitude for her partner’s dedication to taking care of their beloved pet.

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When Braveman refused to eat, the couple spoon-fed him baby food, and they quickly formed a strong bond. As they continued to care for him, Braveman flourished and captured their hearts, particularly his foster father’s. He loved to snuggle on their laps and shadow them throughout the house in anticipation of receiving a delicious treat.

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Whenever someone sat at the computer, Braveman would pounce on the opportunity to offer his “assistance” and steal their chair. He had a tendency to doze off wherever he pleased. Thanks to careful attention to his dietary needs and an abundance of nourishment, Braveman managed to pack on some healthy weight and become even more cuddly than before.

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After being under their care for around two years, Braveman transformed into a charming and well-groomed boy with an endearing character. The couple grew so attached to him that they decided to keep him as a permanent member of their family.

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According to Polina, regardless of how their first pet feels physically, they will always offer support. This furry friend has aided in their self-discovery and has strengthened their family unit.

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At the beginning of the year, Garry was introduced to his new furry family member, Kobe, who is a young pup. Garry took on the responsibility of showing Kobe how things work around the house and teaching him the ropes.

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Braveman is enjoying his life to the fullest and cherishing each moment spent with his beloved family, like a ruler.

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