“From Abandoned Parking Lot to Heartwarming Internet Sensation: Meet the Adorably Unique Kitten with a Small Jaw and Infectious Bleps!”

The day that Gremlin and Mauren crossed paths in 2013 became a significant turning point for both of them. With a relaxed tone, Mauren expressed her gratefulness for the fortunate encounter, stating that she cannot determine who was more fortunate between her and Gremlin. According to Mauren, her roommate discovered Gremlin abandoned inside a cardboard container at a Walgreens parking area.

Mauren received a text from her roommate that caught her attention. The message read, “Hey, I have a kitten for you. She’s adorable but has a unique jaw.” Although Mauren never grew up with cats, she was instantly drawn to the idea of having one as a pet. She replied to her roommate, “Let me meet her first, and then we’ll decide.” Before she knew it, Mauren was staring down at the little furry creature who would become an integral part of her life.

The meeting of Mauren and Gremlin was an adorable experience. Mauren was surprised by the small stature of Gremlin when they met in person. To explain how small Gremlin was, Mauren mentioned that she could effortlessly fit into the palm of her hand. Mauren’s heart instantly warmed up to Gremlin, and she knew it was love at first sight. It seemed like a perfect match made in heaven.

After picking up Gremlin, Mauren gave her a name inspired by the soot gremlins in the movie My Neighbor Totoro. According to Mauren, Gremlin resembled an orange cat that had played in the fireplace. Although Gremlin finally found a caring home, the cause of her jaw problem remained a mystery.

Gremlin, a cute little furball, has a unique feature that makes her stand out – a miniature jaw. This condition is believed to be a result of inbreeding, according to veterinarians. However, the good news is that Gremlin is not in pain and can enjoy a happy and healthy life. Despite her jaw condition, she has an endearing tongue that sticks out, making her even more adorable. In short, Gremlin is the perfect example of being perfectly imperfect, and we love her just the way she is.

Mauren shared that despite Gremlin’s comical-looking jaw, the feline still manages to eat and take care of herself well. Mauren makes sure to provide Gremlin with wet food to make it more effortless for her to eat. Mauren also expressed how Gremlin’s sweet demeanor has made her appreciate cats even more.

Mauren’s home was already a haven for pets when Gremlin arrived. Mauren had already rescued a dog named Shelby, who had special needs after being rescued from a puppy mill. Gremlin and Shelby became inseparable friends, but their happiness was short-lived as Shelby suffered a seizure in 2019 and passed away. This left Mauren and Gremlin heartbroken, with Mauren losing her devoted companion and Gremlin losing her best friend.

Luckily, Mauren had made the decision to adopt another cat named Calcifer from the shelter a couple of months before Shelby’s tragic demise. Although Gremlin and Mauren were still grappling with the loss of Shelby, having Calcifer around helped alleviate their agony. As time passed, Gremlin’s family grew from one sibling to an impressive four! Mauren decided to adopt her third cat, Jiji, from the shelter, and she recently rescued two adorable kittens, David and Alexis, who were abandoned on a rural road.

Gremlin, the feline, has a calm and gentle nature that makes her compatible with all her siblings. Surprisingly, she even holds the top rank in the cat hierarchy! According to her owner, Mauren, Gremlin is never bullied by the other cats. Instead, they give her the space and freedom she demands. Despite being an introvert, Gremlin remains attached to her mother.

Mauren chuckled and expressed that if Gremlin had a choice, she would always be comfortably seated on Mauren’s lap forever. Gremlin is Mauren’s mother’s constant companion as she follows her everywhere she goes. Gremlin has an irresistible charm that captures the hearts of everyone she meets. While Mauren is accustomed to Gremlin’s adorable blep, other people can’t seem to get enough of her cuteness.

Gremlin’s endearing qualities were only recently discovered by the rest of the world. At almost 9 years old, Gremlin has now become an internet sensation. Mauren had been sharing photos of Gremlin and her siblings for amusement since 2014. However, when she uploaded a video of Gremlin on TikTok, it unexpectedly became viral within days, surprising Mauren.

Despite being unaware of her global fan base, Gremlin enjoys spending time with her owner and indulging in tasty treats. While Mauren finds happiness in her pet’s popularity, she hopes that it will also encourage others to consider adopting special needs animals.

According to Mauren, every pet deserves love and care, including those with special needs. In an interview with National Kitty, she emphasized the importance of giving these pets a chance and not underestimating their abilities. She hopes that the younger generation of pet owners on TikTok, where over 25% of users are 19 and under, will be inspired to adopt special needs pets and provide them with loving homes. Mauren believes that these pets can adapt and learn, and their challenges are often not as difficult as people may think. Let’s give these furry friends the love and support they deserve!

Gremlin is becoming an internet sensation with her adorable bleps that are taking the world by storm! Her family of rescued cats are doing an amazing job of highlighting the lovable nature of rescue pets. If you’re eager to see more of Gremlin, you’re in luck!

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