“Four-Eared Feline Finds Forever Home and Steals Hearts Globally”

During the summer in Ankara, Turkey, a family stumbled upon a cluster of grey kittens in their backyard. Although the litter appeared run-of-the-mill at first, it turned out that there was something quite unusual about one of the kittens. The family’s curiosity was piqued when they realized that this kitten stood out from the rest. Stay tuned to find out what made this kitten so special!

Uncommon Find
The family was in awe as they stumbled upon an unprecedented discovery. A kitten from the litter had a supplementary pair of ears protruding from its head. The sight of this peculiar feline left the family astounded as they had never seen anything like it before. Notwithstanding its odd appearance, the family was eager to provide it with a warm and nurturing home, just like its other siblings. In hopes of finding the perfect home for their unique pet, they reached out to their acquaintances, seeking advice and guidance.

Fate played a role when Canis Dosemeci stepped forward and expressed interest in seeing the kitten. As soon as she laid eyes on the adorable feline with four ears, she fell in love on the spot. She didn’t hesitate and immediately made up her mind to adopt the kitten. Canis was aware that a cat with such an unusual feature might face challenges in finding a permanent home or could potentially fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, it was undoubtedly the right decision to provide a loving home for the little kitten.

According to Canis, they never considered purchasing a cat. Rather, they had a desire to rescue a cat from the streets and offer it a home. Upon bringing the kitten home, they decided to name her Midas, after the Greek mythology king who had the ability to transform everything he touched into gold. Ironically, Apollo had punished Midas by giving him donkey ears, which were seen as a shameful feature. However, in this case, Midas’s donkey ears are considered a symbol of honor!

Increase the Adorableness
Canis brought Midas to the veterinarian for a medical evaluation with the expectation of gaining further insight into her feline’s ears. The veterinarian discovered that Midas doesn’t actually possess four authentic ears. Instead, she has two standard ear canals in conjunction with two smaller flaps positioned in front of each ear. These additional flaps create the appearance of four ears, but in actuality, she possesses two functioning ears comparable to a typical cat. Midas’s extra ear flaps are caused by a genetic anomaly.

Cannis was concerned about the impact of Midas’s additional ear flaps on her overall well-being. However, Canis was pleased to learn that the vets found Midas to be healthy and her extra flaps did not seem to cause any issues. Although Midas does not possess exceptional hearing abilities, she also does not experience any discomfort. With the assurance of Midas’s good health, Canis introduced her newest kitten to the existing cat and dog in the household. It was heartening to observe how fast the four-eared darling adapted and became comfortable with her new companions.

Midas and her furry siblings have a great relationship! Canis even thinks that Midas is one of the most amiable and comical cats she has ever had the pleasure of meeting. Inspired by Midas’ delightful personality, Canis decided to create an Instagram account for her. On this page, Canis shared pictures and videos of Midas playing with her toys and even giving her dog brother little nose kisses. People from all over the globe fell in love with this charming four-eared kitten and couldn’t get enough of her irresistible cuteness!

In just under 60 days, Midas has managed to amass an impressive following of more than 125,000 individuals from various corners of the globe! This charming feline has succeeded in motivating her supporters to adopt pets that may look different yet are equally lovable. If you’d like to stay updated on Midas’s shenanigans, be sure to follow her Instagram handle!

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