Former Therapy Cat Reunited with Owner, Now Demanding Everyone’s Attention

A feline was discovered outdoors, but it wasn’t just any ordinary cat. It was a previous therapy cat with a mission to attract attention from anybody and everybody.

tortie cat sweet

Meet Spice, the lovely 8-year-old tortie cat that recently came under the care of Best Friends Felines, an all-volunteer animal rescue group based in Brisbane, Australia. Spice was discovered by a Good Samaritan who found her outside and in poor condition. Despite her rough state, Spice was revealed to be a former therapy cat who had spent many years bringing joy to residents of a nursing home. However, after being taken into a new home, Spice went missing for almost two months before being discovered by a kind-hearted lady. She is now receiving the love and attention she so deserves from the volunteers at Best Friends Felines.

tortie cat spice

Best Friends Felines shared the heartwarming story of Spice, a therapy cat who was abandoned by her owners. Luckily, a kind-hearted finder found her and took her to the vet to receive treatment with antibiotics. Although Spice’s owners didn’t want to take her back, her finder didn’t hesitate to take care of her and give her a second chance at life. It’s amazing to see how even in difficult situations, there are still people willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

tortie cat sweet

At Best Friends Felines, a kind-hearted individual rescued a tortie who was in dire straits. Weighing only 3.5 pounds, the poor feline was in a weakened state and had difficulty walking. Her stomach problems were likely caused by her scavenging for food outdoors. Despite her ordeal, the tortie was a lovable and affectionate creature who won over her rescuer’s heart. The finder believes that this feline is deserving of royal treatment, having proven her trust in humans despite everything she has been through.

sweet tortie cat spice

At Best Friends Felines, this furry hero sprung into action and spread love to anyone she encountered. A little bit of TLC and nourishing meals did wonders for Spice, and she began to steadily improve. Once she regained her energy, Spice eagerly sought attention from anyone who would give it to her. All she craved was affection and attention.

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Best Friends Felines received Spice earlier this month and she was taken to Cats Meow at Samford for her recovery. As soon as she arrived, she snuggled onto a cozy blanket and enjoyed delicious food and treats. She also received plenty of head scratches from the caring staff. Currently, Spice is waiting for a long-term foster home while being surrounded by people who love and care for her.

friendly tortie cat spice

Spice, the adorable feline at Best Friends Felines, has shown remarkable progress. She’s now stronger and more energetic than ever before. Each time the staff members pay her a visit, she welcomes them with her cute purrs and friendly rubs, displaying her immense gratitude towards them. The team has been feeding her multiple small meals every day, and she seems to be enjoying her food, as her body is filling out nicely. Her newfound strength and stability are evident as she can stand on her legs without any fatigue.

sweet tortie cat spice

According to @bestfriendsfelines, Spice has made progress and now weighs 6.3 pounds. She is becoming more energetic and lively each day. Spice is a very loving cat who craves affection and performs adorable roly-poly moves to grab your attention for cuddles. Moreover, she is quite talkative and wins the heart of everyone who meets her.

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At Best Friends Felines, Spice is a playful little tortoiseshell feline who loves to grab attention by rolling around on the floor. However, she can be a bit territorial when it comes to sharing her humans with other cats. Despite this, she is an affectionate and charming companion that would make any home feel complete. Currently, Spice is searching for a loving permanent home in Brisbane where she can thrive and return to good health.

sweet tortie cat spice

The adorable tortoiseshell kitty is having a blast being a pampered indoor pet once more. She showers affection on anyone who crosses her path and charms them all with her delightful demeanor and winning grin.

sweet tortie cat spice

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