Floating with a Senior Dog: How One Man Eases His Furry Friend’s Discomfort.

Man Floats With 19 Year Old Elderly Dog Every Day To Ease His Pain.

A man spends his days floating in a pool with his 19-year-old dog to help ease the pup’s discomfort.

Do you recall seeing a picture some time ago? It depicted a man with grey hair who was floating in water while cradling his Shepherd mix, which was sound asleep with its head resting on his chest. Well, let me share with you the story behind that heartwarming photo. Schoep was adopted by John Unger when he was just a puppy. Unfortunately, the senior dog developed arthritis and hip dysplasia after 19 years. To alleviate Schoep’s pain, Unger discovered that floating in water together was the best way to provide comfort for his cherished pet.

A picture of Unger and his friend was taken by the latter, and it quickly gained popularity online.

The news about Unger and Schoep gained widespread attention ever since their photo went viral. Generous contributions poured in from different parts of the globe, which enabled Unger to explore different options for treating Schoep’s pain. As a result, he was able to spend an additional year with his dear companion.

Despite the fact that Schoep is no longer with us, the affection captured in a single photograph can still be sensed across the globe.

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