“Feline Masseuses Comfort Sightless Pooch – Heartwarming Scene Captured by Shelter Staff”

Tam, a furry little friend at the Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir (SARA), receives a lot of love and affection from his fellow residents. Although he suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which makes his skin extra sensitive and joints prone to arthritis, Tam finds comfort in the feline friends at the shelter. His best friend, Elodie, always goes out of her way to lend a paw when Tam needs a bit of TLC. The cats at SARA seem to have taken it upon themselves to shower Tam with cuddles and attention, making him feel safe and loved despite his medical conditions.

According to Hazel Skeet, a volunteer with SARA, Tam is known for sharing his bed with at least two cats on a regular basis. The cats love to give him cuddles and massages, and he’s become quite popular among the feline residents of the Farm Refuge – one of three refuges in the network that provides care for senior or sick dogs and newly rescued dogs who are ready to be adopted. In addition to dogs, the Farm Refuge also houses around 200 homeless cats, and it’s difficult for anyone to visit without being immediately surrounded by them. However, Tam is particularly beloved by the cats, as they know he’ll lie still and be gentle with them, making him the perfect snoozing companion.

Tam entered this world at the shelter nearly nine years ago, and although his brothers and sisters found forever homes, he and his sister Daccia were unable to leave due to their Ehlers-Danlos condition.

Regrettably, there is currently no remedy for the hereditary ailment, but Tam and his sister are receiving excellent care from their feline and human companions. In addition to their feline friends, Tam has a strong bond with his sister Daccia, and they typically engage in playtime together at the start and end of each day, according to Skeet. She mentioned that “they have a deep friendship”.

Tam enjoys a tranquil existence, spending his time lounging and snuggling with his loved ones. According to Skeet, he spends most of his day basking in the warm sun or cool shade while relishing in the various scents and noises of his sanctuary. Every now and then, a playful young pup will come over to greet him, and although he tolerates their presence, Tam usually opts to cozy up with one of his feline friends instead.

Skeet mentioned that Tam is cautious around unfamiliar people due to his blindness. However, once he trusts someone, he becomes extremely loving and enjoys cuddling. Skeet feels fortunate that Tam now recognizes his voice and scent, and eagerly greets him whenever he visits the shelter.

Tam will continue living his happiest life at the SARA Farm Refuge, surrounded by his sister and feline companions. He will undoubtedly receive countless soothing massages from his caring cat friends, a well-deserved treat for such an adorable and lovable dog. If you want to support SARA’s cause of rescuing and caring for more animals, visit their website to learn more and make a donation.

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