Feline Fashion: Creative Nukege Hats Made from Shed Cat Hair

Years ago, Ryo Yamazaki was grooming one of his three Scottish Fold cats when he noticed a clump of shed fur on the floor. The shape of the fur looked like a hat and, for a joke, Yamazaki fashioned it into a pointed hat and placed it on his cat’s head, taking a photo in the process. This moment marked the origin of Nukege Hats, which has now become a worldwide phenomenon with a massive social media following, a book deal, and a range of stationary products.

Nukege refers to the hair or fur that cats shed, and a Japanese couple named Hiromi and her husband have discovered a unique way of repurposing it. They turn it into hats of different shapes and sizes and let their cats wear them before posting pictures of them on their Instagram accounts. The Yamazakis claim that their cats don’t seem to mind wearing these hats because they are lightweight and smell familiar. The couple has created numerous nukege hats, which they compiled into a photobook and later turned into a stationery line. For those who want to create their own nukege hats, the Yamazakis advise using a Furminator instead of a brush because the latter causes clumps to harden. To make a hat, one should gather the loosened hair, add smaller tufts to it, roll it into a ball, and then use their fingers to shape it into a hat, with an indent to fit the cat’s head.

This cap imitates the unique hairstyle of a particular leader.

Pointy hats make a great accessory for Halloween.

How about getting your furry friend a pair of adorable cat-ear hats? It’s a fun way to keep your cat cozy and stylish at the same time. Your cat will be turning heads and getting all the attention it deserves with this cute accessory. So, why not treat your cat to something special and get them a pair of cat-ear hats today? They’re sure to love it!

As your skills improve, you can begin to explore various designs and color combinations, such as this cap inspired by the majestic Mt. Fuji.

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