“Feline Family Rescued from Milk Crate Finds Forever Home and Happiness”

A mother cat and her little one were rescued from the confines of a milk crate. Since then, they have been living the life they always dreamt of.

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Little Wanderers NYC was recently contacted to rescue a cat and her three kittens that were living in a backyard. The feline family was found in a milk crate, and the resident who discovered them was unsure of how to help. Unfortunately, many shelters and rescue groups in the area were at full capacity or not accepting any more animals. However, the volunteers at Little Wanderers NYC immediately sprang into action, picking up the cat and her kittens and transporting them to safety.

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Little Wanderers NYC came to the rescue of a group of kittens who were found in a milk crate in someone’s backyard. Upon their arrival, they realized that two of the kittens required immediate medical attention. They quickly brought them to an animal hospital for emergency treatment, but unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the two kittens didn’t survive. It’s common for kittens born outside to have a low survival rate of only 25%. However, the rest of the litter including their mom, Flora, and tabby named Dandelion, were able to recover with the timely intervention of Little Wanderers NYC.

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@littlewanderersnyc shared that Flora had recently recovered from a cold and was now back to her hungry self. Despite being at the vet’s office, Flora remained calm and observant of her surroundings. It seemed as though she knew that the staff were there to help her. Perhaps relieved from the stresses of life on the streets, Flora began to feel more at ease and secure in her new environment.

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Flora was overjoyed to finally have a roof over her head and be rescued by Little Wanderers NYC, a volunteer group. The rescue team appealed to the community to find a foster home for the mother and her kitten, and a compassionate family stepped forward to provide a loving environment. The duo quickly thrived in their new surroundings, and Flora and Dandelion flourished beyond expectations.

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@littlewanderersnyc shared an update that Flora and her daughter Dandelion have found a secure and joyful abode in their foster home. Dandelion, who is the only surviving kitten from her litter, exhibits tremendous strength and resilience. The tabby kitten has effortlessly adapted to her new indoor lifestyle and loves playing around with her boundless energy. Despite being small, she displays a courageous demeanor.

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Dandelion adapted smoothly to living indoors in the cozy space provided by Little Wanderers NYC. Her mother, Mama Flora, stays close by and always showers her with love and attention in the form of baths and face washes. Dandelion appears content with her new surroundings and loves watching small animals from the safety of her new home through the window.

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Watching Bird TV on @littlewanderersnyc is one of Flora’s favorite pastimes. As a doting cat mom, she takes delight in observing her playful kitten, Dandelion, as she frolics around the house and engages in all sorts of feline shenanigans. Dandelion strikes a perfect balance between playtime and cuddles with her beloved mommy, much to Flora’s pleasure.

Incredibly, it’s hard to believe that just a week ago, Flora rescued Dandelion and brought her inside. The kitten was struggling to survive outside, but now she is thriving and happy in her new indoor home. Flora couldn’t be happier seeing her fur baby flourish under her loving care.

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Flora is absolutely smitten with her beloved pet, littlewanderersnyc. Within a matter of days, Flora can already see a significant improvement in littlewanderersnyc’s health and wellbeing. Dandelion, her furry companion, is thriving and growing stronger each day. Despite being playful and full of energy, Dandelion’s unique personality is beginning to shine through.

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Littlewanderersnyc has made her day with the variety of food options available for her to enjoy. The mother and daughter, who are currently residing in a foster home, are thriving under the care of numerous volunteers. They are being prepared for a bright future where they have access to an abundance of nutritious food and unconditional love.

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