Feline Boss Takes Over London Supermarket with Badass Attitude

Cats are known for their spontaneous nature and can appear anywhere unexpectedly. In a London supermarket, Sainsbury, a cat named Olly Oliver has made himself at home by sitting still and keeping an eye on shoppers from high up places. Although he belongs to the neighboring house, he often visits Sainsbury, much to the delight of shoppers who have spotted him there. The 6-year-old tabby cat has become quite famous for his judgemental face, which has gone viral on the internet. However, despite his popularity, the management at Sainsbury’s has expressed concern about the cat being a health and safety risk. Despite this, shoppers continue to enjoy seeing Olly whenever they visit the supermarket. One shopper even tweeted about his return to Sainsbury’s.

Guess who’s critiquing your grocery choices?

The security personnel attempted to escort him out, but he casually strolled back inside without any fuss.

Excuse me, may I ask what you’re purchasing? Some extra energy perhaps?

As I casually peruse through the store, the spokesperson mentions that he frequents the place every day without fail.

“He cannot stay here as it poses a risk to health and safety, even though the staff has a liking towards him.”

According to the cat’s owner, Olly Oliver is a 6-year-old feline who resides in the vicinity of a store. The owner has had the cat since it was a mere 6 weeks old and his sibling is a blue-colored furball.

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