David Beckham, 49, Causes Stir with Sexy Shirtless Photos on Wife Victoria’s Social Media: ‘Aging Like a Fine Wine!’

David Beckham caused quite a frenzy among his fans when he posted a shirtless photo on his wife Victoria’s Instagram over the weekend. The 49-year-old former footballer surprised everyone by taking over the Spice Girls’ social media account to share his skincare routine. Showing off his toned body and tattoos in the eye-catching picture, David’s fans couldn’t resist praising his good looks, with some commenting that he only gets better with age. The social media world went into a frenzy as David hinted at another post featuring his popular skincare routine in a video.

David Beckham, 49, sent fans in complete turmoil as he shared a shirtless snap on wife Victoria's social media on Saturday

David Beckham, at the age of 49, caused a frenzy among fans when he posted a shirtless photo on his wife Victoria’s social media over the weekend. In the caption, he humorously announced that he was taking over her Instagram to share his skincare routine, giving her a break. Fans were quick to express their admiration for the British icon, with many praising him for being a supportive husband. They eagerly anticipated the upcoming skincare video and couldn’t help but gush over how well David seems to be aging. In addition to this, David and Victoria, like many others in the country, stayed up late on Friday to catch a glimpse of the rare northern lights in London.

The former footballer shocked fans when he took over the Spice Girls, 50, who often shares her regimes, Instagram to reveal his skincare routine

Fans were surprised when the ex-football player revealed his skincare routine on Instagram, taking over for the Spice Girls member who is known for sharing her beauty secrets with her followers.

The heartthrob showed off his ripped physique and inked skin while posing for the iconic snap

The handsome actor flaunted his muscular body and tattooed skin as he posed for a standout photograph.

Fans couldn't help but gush over David's good looks, with some hailing he 'ages like fine wine'

Fans couldn’t resist praising David’s handsome appearance, with many marveling at how he seems to only get better with age, likening him to fine wine.

David sent social media wild as he teased he'll be returning to the grid with another post of his infamous skincare routine in a video

David caused a buzz online as he hinted at his comeback to social media by sharing a sneak peek of his popular skincare routine in a video.

Fans flooded comments in awe of the British icon, penning: 'Very kind of you, can you also take over mine next weekend'

Comments poured in from fans who were in awe of the British icon, with one fan jokingly writing: “That’s very generous of you! Want to come over and take care of my chores next weekend too?”

Along with the rest of the nation, David and Victoria stayed up late on Friday night to witness the rare northern lights in London

David and Victoria, like many others across the country, stayed awake into the late hours of Friday night to catch a glimpse of the extraordinary northern lights display gracing the skies of London.

David recently admitted that he wasn't a fan of his hit Netflix documentary following his first watch of the series - until wife Victoria changed his mind

David recently revealed that he initially wasn’t a fan of his popular Netflix documentary after watching it for the first time. The documentary, titled ‘Beckham’, which was released in October 2023, provides an in-depth look at the legendary soccer player’s career on and off the field, with a particular focus on his relationship with his wife, Victoria Beckham.
However, it wasn’t until David watched the series again, this time with Victoria by his side, that he started to appreciate it. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, David shared that he had initially planned to watch the documentary alone, take notes, and analyze it. But after the first viewing, he found himself not enjoying it at all.
It was only after watching it alongside his wife, Victoria, that he started to change his perspective on the series. David credits Victoria for helping him see the documentary in a new light and begin to appreciate it more.

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