Chilly Cat Charms His Way Into Man’s Home During Freezing Temps

Two years ago, the winter season in North America was especially brutal. It arrived earlier than usual, disappeared momentarily and then made a fierce comeback. One day in February, Nathaniel Styer was working remotely when he glanced out his window to behold a snowstorm of epic proportions. The polar vortex was responsible for the blizzard’s ferocity, which had descended upon his Brooklyn locality, plunging it into chaotic whiteness.

Despite the tumultuous weather outside, Nathaniel was grateful to be inside, feeling warm and cozy in his apartment while keeping himself occupied. However, amidst the swirl of heavy snowflakes, Nathaniel couldn’t help but notice a neighborhood guest looking out from her window, seemingly lost and unsure of the familiar streets.

Nathaniel identified the cat outside his window as Chunk Chunk, one of the stray cats in the neighborhood. The tabby cat seemed to be asking for help, and Styer believed that she was experiencing a crisis due to the storm. Although Styer wasn’t initially fond of the stray cats, his girlfriend Renee was dedicated to their welfare. She spent her time taking care of the entire colony, and Chunk Chunk was a new addition. Styer had never brought the cats inside before, but he knew it was the right thing to do to help Chunk Chunk and make Renee happy.

Styer opened the window to rescue Chunk Chunk from the bitter cold. After making sure all the other shy cats were safe and sound, Styer was unsure about what to do next. One of the neighborhood cats surprised her by allowing Styer to pick it up, which was unusual behavior. The cat quickly scampered around the house and tried to escape through a different window. It was only when the cat ran into the closed window that it realized the escape route was blocked.

Nathaniel made the decision to give Chunk Chunk her own space in the bathroom, away from the family’s dog. The adorable feline soon adapted to her new surroundings and happily settled in. When Becerra returned home, she was delighted to find Chunk Chunk there. Becerra wasn’t at all surprised by the identity of their new house guest since she had already built a friendly relationship with the community cat. From the very first time she appeared at their window, Chunk Chunk always sought affection from them and would instantly start purring.

Rebecca and her partner have been living in their apartment for two years now. They have devoted all their time to helping stray cats in the vicinity. According to Rebecca, they have already helped multiple litters of kittens find homes. For the upcoming spring season, Becerra plans to trap as many adult cats as possible, getting them spayed or neutered before releasing them back into the wild. This way, they can significantly contribute to controlling the stray cat population.

Chunk Chunk’s ear with a clipped tip implies that the cat has undergone a spaying operation already.

During the recent chilly weather period, Becerra dedicated her time to assisting neighborhood cats and suggests others do the same. She explains that winter is a particularly challenging season for cats and has personally constructed three winter shelters and provided regular food. While there are cat rescue organizations that offer winter shelters for sale, creating your own is also a feasible option. Becerra encourages individuals with space or a safe, peaceful area in their neighborhood to consider placing shelters for cats in need.

How about considering Chunk Chunk as an example? According to Becerra, Chunk Chunk can have a prolonged life indoors. At the moment, we are still contemplating what to do with Chunk Chunk, but we will keep her with us for now. I plan to reach out to our buddies at ASPCA to see if they can assist me in finding Chunk Chunk a new home since she seems to thrive better indoors than outdoors.

After a short period of time, Chunk Chunk appeared to have found her forever family with Rebecca and Nathaniel. It’s undeniable that sometimes it’s the cat who chooses their owner!

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