Cat Finds Ideal Home in Record Speed

A cat who was spotted in a box outside in the cold, ended up finding the perfect place to call home in record time.

cat found in box

Thumper aka Elf the cat

A few days ago, a Good Samaritan was walking her dog outside when she spotted a box on the side of the road. She was stunned to discover an orange tabby cat inside, waiting for someone to help him.

The finder dropped him off at Veterinary Emergency Group in White Plains (NY), and Little Wanderers NYC, an all-volunteer rescue, stepped up to help. The tabby named Elf was scared but grateful to be out of the cold and off the streets.

“He is eating like he’s been starving. He’s exhausted,” Little Wanderers NYC shared with Love Meow.

cat in box thumper

He was found abandoned in a box outside

The rescue immediately started preparing for the intake of the cat. Meanwhile, a woman named Tricia learnedaout the plight of the tabby from the finder’s mother. Something in her heart beckoned her to inquire about the cat.

“I already have six that all have been rescued off of the streets. I thought about it for a second and said, ‘I’d take him,'” Tricia told Love Meow.

cat at vet

He was taken to Veterinary Emergency Group, and Little Wanderers NYC stepped up to help

She grabbed a carrier and headed over to the veterinary hospital with a mission. “At this point, I’d only seen a photo of him. He has the cutest little face.”

After learning that Elf was in the care of Little Wanderers NYC, she got in touch with the rescue the next day, and it turned out to be a perfect match.

orange cat, happy tongue cat

He was so happy to be out of the cold, off the streets

“I was ecstatic. I spoke to Lisa from the rescue, filled out an adoption form, and I went and picked him up,” Tricia shared with Love Meow. “When we got home, he warmed up to me immediately. He’s so sweet.”

After what Elf had gone through, the rescue wanted to find him the happy ending he so deserved. As it turned out, the perfect home was right there waiting for him.

orange cat happy thumper

In less than 24 hours, he found his dream home

A few minutes after the tabby set paw in his new abode, Tricia noticed something different about his hind legs. “His back legs point outward. They almost look like a rabbit’s back legs.”

With his unique gait and sweet personality, they decided to rename him Thumper.

orange cat thumper

Thumper can’t jump with his back limbs, but he is so happy to be indoors with his new family. Tricia has a vet appointment set up for the sweet boy and is determined to give him the best life possible.

“I’ve got a soft spot for the cats who need a little bit more love. I’ve got a feeling (his back legs) might be the reason he was thrown out.”

happy cat forever home

Thumper enjoys snuggling with his forever human

Thumper is adjusting very well in his forever home. His legs don’t seem to be causing him any distress or pain. He has a voracious appetite and can use his litter box like a champ.

In less than 24 hours, Thumper’s life completely changed from being abandoned in a box on the street to being loved and spoiled at a place he calls home.

playful orange cat thumper

It took a village, and “Elf (aka Thumper) is home for the holidays in record time,” Little Wanderers NYC shared.

“He will never be abandoned again. He’s got catnip toys and treats and everything a cat could want. He’s even got other cat siblings to play with and become family with – a very happy beginning to the holiday season.”

snuggly cat thumper

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