“Canine Companion Delighted to Care For New Feline Pal After Being Fixated on Cats”

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Meet Bubba, a charming and cuddly pup that found his forever home in Arizona six years ago through adoption from a rescue center. Since being taken in by his mom, Rebecca Pizzelo, when he was still just a three-month-old puppy, Bubba has been living his best life. This affectionate Pit Bull has always shown kindness and tenderness towards everyone he meets, making friends with ease. However, what sets him apart is his fondness for cats, which began when his mom’s roommate fostered a litter of kittens around the same time Bubba became part of their family.

Bubba’s love for cats started during his childhood when he grew up with kittens around him. Since then, he has been fond of feline creatures, and always yearned to have a kitten of his own. Luckily, Pizzello had the opportunity to adopt and nurture a cat, so she applied to a nearby rescue to fulfill Bubba’s wish.

After some time, bubbalovesrue welcomed a small kitten named Rue into her home, leaving Bubba astonished. The two hit it off instantly and now share an inseparable bond. Bubba takes excellent care of his little feline sister, and Rue feels secure with her loving and robust protector. They even have their own Instagram account dedicated to celebrating their love for each other, which is just too sweet for words! Check it out for yourself.

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