Canine Companion Comforts Ailing Sister By Staying Close Despite Years Of Neglect

A pair of young dogs were found abandoned in a park in Philadelphia, barely alive.

Officer Russ Harper reported that Layla, a pit bull, was keeping her companion Gracie warm by snuggling up close to her. Harper stated that Layla is very loyal and never leaves Gracie’s side.

The dogs were rescued by the police officer who used a gentle and calming tone to soothe them. They were in a dire state, so she took them to the veterinarian for medical attention.

Luckily, Gracie pulled through after receiving some much-needed fluids from the veterinarian. The pit bulls are currently undergoing treatment at the clinic and are expected to remain there for a few more days until they make a full recovery.

We are grateful to Russ for coming to the aid of these defenseless creatures.

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