“Candid Cat” captures funny moments with oversized dog security personnel in photos.

In 2013, Yoren Ahm initiated his Instagram account and initially posted pictures of his pets and animals in their natural habitat. However, one of his recent posts featuring a cute gray tabby taking selfies became an overnight sensation. The cat, named Manny, was Yoren’s latest rescue pet. Follow along to learn more about how this eccentric feline became an internet sensation with its distinct talent!

An Enigmatic Visitor
Yorem and his wife had an unexpected visit from a homeless feline called Manny who came out of nowhere and appeared on their property. Apparently, the cat was in desperate need of a shelter and without hesitation, the couple took him in. The interesting part is that it was Manny who decided to stay with them, as he just walked in one day and never left. As if he knew he was welcome, Manny quickly adapted and made himself comfortable in his new home.

Becoming Part of the Group
Within a short amount of time, the grey tabby cat quickly became friends with the other dogs and cats owned by the couple. He was so friendly and lovable that he soon became the pack leader! Manny even began making regular appearances in his owner Yorem’s Instagram photos. While he was sometimes pictured alone, he was mostly photographed alongside his furry siblings. After only a few photoshoots, Yorem noticed that Manny loved being in the spotlight. According to Yorem, “He is very curious, and whenever I take pics of my dogs, he basically ‘photobombs’ the camera and tries to take it from me.” Yorem went on to describe Manny as “the most intelligent, inquisitive cat we’ve ever had.” However, it wasn’t until a special moment that the owners realized just how clever Manny really was.

Once upon a time, Yorem was taking some routine pictures with his furry friends and Manny. It was a typical photoshoot they had done before, but this time, something extraordinary occurred. According to Yorem, Manny discovered how to use the camera by mistake when he touched it during the shoot. The result was a snapshot that appeared like Manny was taking a group selfie with his canine companions.

Upon laying eyes on the picture, Yorem couldn’t contain his amusement at its comical nature. Without hesitation, he shared it on Instagram and within no time, it caught the attention of thousands who joined in on the laughter. And that marked the birth of Manny’s new alias, “Selfie Cat,” as his snapshots grew in popularity and went viral. The internet community was all abuzz about this feline sensation!

Manny the cat has become a sensation on social media ever since he posted his first selfie. He has now taken over his owner’s account and has thousands of fans eagerly waiting for his next photo. Interestingly, Manny is often seen clicking selfies with his big dog security guards – Yorem and his wife’s Rottweilers. With so much popularity, it seems like Manny needs some security guards to keep him safe!

Manny is surrounded by dogs who have a majestic demeanor or a playful grin, indicating that they relish his presence as much as he does theirs. Manny’s character is brimming with charm, and he is not hesitant to showcase both his comical and serious side. With his lovable expressions, the camera can’t get enough of him!

Incredible Manny
With his irresistible selfies, Manny has managed to bring joy to around 624,000 Instagram followers. He has even managed to capture the attention of national media outlets such as Ellen and ABC News. This inquisitive and intelligent feline is always up for an exciting expedition. His devoted fans eagerly anticipate his next move.

Yorem expressed his pride in Manny and the joy that his unique cat has brought to people’s lives. Yorem added that it’s even more rewarding when Manny brings a smile to someone’s face. Don’t forget to check out Manny’s Instagram account for his latest funny feline escapades.

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