An Endearing Tale of a Kitten’s Journey from Solitude to Love

Introducing Miss Freddie, the stunning feline from Arizona who is now three years old. Before she found her forever home, Miss Freddie was a victim of neglect and cruelty. However, she is now leading a happy and healthy life with her loving owner, Frances. In this heartwarming account, Frances shares the story of how she came to adopt Miss Freddie. Frances had recently moved into her own apartment and felt it was the perfect time to welcome a furry friend into her life. Initially, she had hoped to adopt a young male kitten from a local shelter, but was informed that all kittens were adopted quickly. Disappointed, Frances was on her way out of the shelter when she spotted Miss Freddie, then known as Gladys, in a sorry state. The cat was extremely thin and appeared miserable, huddled up in the corner of her kennel. Despite her desperate condition, Miss Freddie didn’t even respond to Frances’ voice. It transpired that the cat was seven months old and had been found in a box, left for dead outside in the sweltering heat of an Arizona summer. Despite the sad circumstances surrounding Miss Freddie’s arrival at the shelter, Frances knew that the cat was meant to be hers and took her home to start her new life.

Upon bringing her home from the shelter, the first photo I took of my new feline friend shows her in a state of fear and malnourishment. It was clear that she had been subjected to mistreatment during her early months of existence. Fueled by a desire to give her a better life, I decided to adopt the little orange and white tabby. Since I am an ardent fan of Queen, I had initially planned to name a male kitten Freddie, after Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the band. However, my search for a male kitten proved unfruitful, and I ended up adopting a female kitten named Gladys. Nonetheless, I still named her Freddie as I completed her adoption forms. To avoid any confusion on social media, I always refer to her as “Miss Freddie.”

How would you describe Miss Freddie’s character?
My daughter took a while to adjust after she adopted Miss Freddie. However, once she settled in, she became more comfortable and started snuggling with my daughter on the bed. Miss Freddie is a laid-back and easy-going cat, but she has no trouble letting my daughter know when it’s time to feed her. Though she doesn’t like being picked up or held, she will tolerate it briefly. She is undoubtedly the “Queen” of the house and my daughter’s life, and she isn’t shy about showing it! The following photo of Miss Freddie demonstrates how unconditional love can transform the life of a princess with a troubled past and abusive history. Now, she’s a happy little girl with a name befitting a true legend.

What are Miss Freddie’s favorite pastimes?
Miss Freddie has short bursts of playing with her toy mice filled with catnip. She picks them up with her paw or teeth and throws them around before pouncing on them wherever they land. However, after a while, she stops playing to look outside different windows around the house, with her favorite being the sliding glass door in her owner’s bedroom facing the backyard. She sits there for hours “chattering” at birds and squirrels. Miss Freddie enjoys eating crunchy food and can’t get enough of her favorite salmon-flavored treats. She is not hesitant to ask for what she wants. If her owner doesn’t give her treats quickly enough, she sits on their storage chest and swats their hands each time they pass by until she gets her treats.

How has Miss Freddie impacted her owner’s life?
While it may sound like a typical answer, Miss Freddie has made a significant impact on her owner’s life. She has become an extension of her owner, making them comfortable with each other. The owner was initially lonely when living in their apartment, but Miss Freddie helped to alleviate their loneliness and depression. Even though Miss Freddie does not like being picked up, she provides her owner with affection when they need it. They spend peaceful and quiet times together, and she even acts as a reading buddy during Bible study. Miss Freddie helps her owner in countless ways, even if she is not aware of it, although her owner thinks she might be.

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