Adventurous Feline Discovers Thrills on Wheels, Seeks Loving Forever Home to Share Joy with

Introducing Snapple, the curious tuxedo feline in Minnesota who loves to roam the world on wheels! Despite his unique needs, Snapple is determined to prove that he can still enjoy his life to the fullest. All he needs now is a loving forever family who will give him the extra care he requires and accompany him on his exciting adventures. In this article, Kris, Snapple’s foster parent, shares with us the inspiring story of this adorable kitty.

In April 2021, Snapple was discovered as a newborn kitten who required bottle feeding. His mother was too young to take care of him and his siblings. I happen to be a foster caregiver for the Bitty Kitty Brigade, and I specialize in caring for kittens with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) – a condition that causes wobbliness. When I learned about a tiny, wobbly tuxedo kitten that needed to be relocated to another foster home, I knew I was the perfect candidate to care for them because I have a fondness for wobbly kittens.

When Snapple and his siblings came under my care, they were just beginning the weaning process at 4.5 weeks old. They were named after popular beverages by their previous caretaker. Despite Snapple showing signs of wobbliness in his head, I became concerned when I noticed that he wasn’t using his front legs at all. Due to his disability, he had to be separated from his littermates as they would playfully attack his tail and feet, leaving him defenseless.

After confirming that the other kittens were CH-free, I transferred them to another caregiver to concentrate on Snapple’s needs. Fortunately, a veterinary neurologist examined Snapple and discovered that he probably did not have CH after all. However, he received a diagnosis of Brain and Cervical Spinal Cord Disease, and experts were unsure what his life quality would be like. So, I decided to take him home with me and lavish him with love and pampering before making any choices about his future.

I noticed that Snapple was a joyful kitten as I pampered him and brought him on exciting trips. It became apparent that with the right attention and nurturing, he was an exceptionally content cat! Snapple fancies exploring new environments where I take him around to investigate nature’s beauty, such as plants, insects, and birds. He adapts effortlessly to diverse scenarios and feels cozy in all of them. Socializing with people and visiting parks are two of Snapple’s favorite pastimes; he relishes meeting new folks!

As he was in the midst of growing, a custom cart was not an option for him. The process of getting his measurements taken, building and shipping the cart would have been too time-consuming as he could have easily outgrown it before it even arrived. Thankfully, I was able to find a suitable alternative on Amazon – an adjustable cart that I could customize to fit him perfectly. Although I usually do not recommend carts for cats as they tend to dislike them and manage to get around on their own, Snapple was an exception. He was quick to take to the cart and was zooming off in no time!

The Snapple is an energetic pooch that loves to exercise using his cart. We take him for a spin a few times a day, either on the serene street near our house or on our veranda and dining area. He even comes with me to work and roams around the office and warehouse. Although he has trouble moving around when he’s not in his cart, he still takes pleasure in wheeling himself around and playing with toys. Occasionally, he prefers to recline in a cozy bed and watch the hustle and bustle around him.

This feline is just like any other cat you’d meet. Snapple enjoys playing with toys, watching birds, and exploring the world around him (with a bit of assistance). The attention-seeking kitty is a pro at snuggling and loves to purr without pause. He’s happy to chat with you and express his desire for attention, but he’ll also make it clear when he’s had enough. Like many other cats, Snapple can become over-stimulated at times.

Snapple is a pretty self-sufficient pup thanks to some clever innovations. Food time is his favorite time, and he’s always eager to approach his bowl and chow down. His feeding station lets him stand upright and eat on his own, which is a major win for independence. And when nature calls, Snapple uses portable potty pads like a pro. He keeps himself pretty tidy and doesn’t need many cleanups. All in all, Snapple’s got this independent living thing down pat.

Looking for the Perfect Forever Family
At present, Snapple is in foster care in Minnesota and is waiting for his forever home. To ensure Snapple’s happiness, his new owner should either work from home, be retired, or have the ability to bring him to work. It is vital that Snapple’s life is full of diverse activities and enrichment, which is why someone with sufficient time is preferable. A perfect match for Snapple would be an experienced pet owner, particularly someone who has had experience caring for special needs or elderly pets. Additionally, Snapple will require a few special accommodations in his forever home to ensure his safety, comfort, and enjoyment.

Snapple is a neat and tidy feline who spends his nights in a playpen. To keep him happy, a few simple activities are necessary such as allowing him to run around in his cart a couple of times a day, exploration time around the house or outside, interactive playtime and providing toys that are easy for him to grab using his mouth. The care routine is straightforward, but Snapple needs extra attention and time for a contented life. Snapple’s luck turned when he was officially adopted by a couple named Ed and Gina from Hawaii who flew all the way to Minnesota to meet him. Kris, who fostered Snapple, was elated with the adoption, saying that Snapple had hit the “adopter jackpot”. Snapple is on his way to Hawaii to live happily ever after with his forever family, thanks to the social media campaign that led Ed and Gina to him. Kris expressed gratitude to everyone who helped to share Snapple’s story on Instagram. Follow Kris on Instagram @TippyTuxies, to see more of Snapple and Kris’s cute and wobbly foster cats.

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