Adorable Pooch Can’t Get Enough of Gazing at His Baby Sibling

The infant is completely oblivious to the fact that his future buddy is eagerly waiting for him to grow up a little so they can play together. Phil, on the other hand, is head-over-heels in love with his new human sibling. The furry friend is so smitten with the baby that he rushes to check on him at every little sound he hears.

Phil is a dedicated big brother who takes his role very seriously. He keeps a close eye on the new addition to the family and is always nearby, monitoring the baby’s well-being. Phil is so adorable in his interactions with the baby – he’s always checking in on him, often even peeking into the bassinet just to make sure everything’s alright. It’s clear that Phil is completely enamored with the little one. In fact, sometimes he’ll even nudge the bassinet in the hopes of waking the baby up so they can have some quality time together.

However, the scenario of Phil disturbing the baby’s sleep never takes place since Mom and Dad keep a close watch on him. Moreover, they don’t have to worry about the baby’s safety around Phil as he handles him with utmost care. Phil simply loves being near his new little human brother all the time and enjoys snuggling up to him when he’s asleep on the couch. He takes great caution while climbing up on the couch and laying down next to the sleeping baby, sometimes even resting his head on the baby blanket. At times, Phil does feel envious when the baby and his little sister nap collectively, wishing to be the jelly in the center of a sweet baby sandwich. Nonetheless, Mom ensures that he only watches over them during their nap time and doesn’t disrupt their peaceful slumber.

Phil, a Malamute, is an affectionate dog who loves spending time with his little human. Whenever the baby is awake, Phil stays close by to observe every move made by the child. It’s endearing to see how much he cares for the baby. This bundle of joy could not have asked for a better friend. Phil is always there, watching over him, and eagerly waiting for the day when they can play together. According to their mother, Phil is like an angel, protective and caring towards his siblings. We couldn’t agree more; Phil is simply adorable!

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