A NYC Feline Record Holder: Meet the 28-Pound Cat Who Outweighs Bobcats

Introducing Samson, a 28-pound Maine Coon cat hailing from the bustling city of New York. He is a majestic feline that towers over most domesticated cats and even wild bobcats. In fact, locals have dubbed him as “New York City’s largest cat,” and it’s possible that he could be the world’s biggest feline since the current Guinness World Record holder passed away in 2013.

Samson’s owner, Jonathan Zurbel, describes his beloved pet as a gentle giant. Despite his enormous size, Samson is neither fat nor overweight. Instead, he is a robust and sturdy cat with a sweet and well-behaved disposition. According to Zurbel, Samson often waits outside his bedroom door in the morning and sits on his belly. He can’t help but marvel at how adorable and lovely his cat is.

We invite you to get to know this charming feline for yourself as we present Samson, the mighty kitty who weighs 28 lbs and is around 4 feet in length.

Zurbel, a music producer, shares that his cat, Samson, is like a dog because of his great fetch skills and tendency to follow him around the house. However, Samson hates walking on a leash and prefers to be pushed around in a green pet stroller while exploring Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Zurbel received Samson from his older brother after having to give him up due to his work schedule. The Maine Coon breed attracts a lot of attention from strangers, with many people mistaking him for a lion or a bobcat. Thanks to his impressive size, Samson has become known as “the largest cat in NYC.”

Looking after a cat as huge as Samson is no easy feat. Feeding him requires six cans of wet food and multiple bags of dry food per week, with about four pounds of litter consumed weekly as well. On top of that, he needs $120 worth of grooming every few months to maintain his fluffy appearance. Despite the effort it takes, his owner Zurbel insists that Samson is worth it. He calls Samson a “really good kitty” who is kind and affectionate. Plus, with over 228,100 followers on his Instagram account (@catstradamus), Samson is quickly becoming an internet sensation.

However, even though Samson weighs in at a whopping 28 pounds, don’t call him a fat cat. According to his groomer Carolyn Ayala, he’s a “very huge Maine coon” who is tall, broad, heavy, and powerful. Ayala even compares him to the iconic model Fabio, calling him a “lovely giant.” In fact, at his size, Samson may even be the largest cat in the world, surpassing the current record holder who was 4.04 feet long.

Even though Samson is unusually large, he is in excellent health!

According to his owner Jonathan, the cat is not hefty or obese, but rather a muscular and robust Husky.

Samson is an adorable yet strong feline that perfectly embodies the phrase “gentle giant”.

Every day, he patiently waits by the door of my bedroom, eager to come inside and greet me in the morning. As soon as I wake up, he jumps onto my belly and snuggles with me for a while.

This feline is a real sweetheart! He’s got a kind disposition and is always on his best behavior.

This feline is a cat of dreams.

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