“A Lovable Pup’s Heartwarming Quest to Bring Joy to a Solitary Widow”

It’s hard to decide who’s more adorable between Sally, who is 93 years old, and Brody, who is only one year old. However, seeing them together is definitely a heartwarming experience.

Sally, a 93-year-old resident of Mt. Vernon, Washington, has been living next to Dave Mazarella for 15 years. After her husband’s demise in 1990, Sally has known all of Dave’s dogs, but her attachment with Brody, a 1-year-old Saint Bernard, is unprecedented.

According to Sally, Brody, whose Instagram account boasts of a large following, had already dropped by before noon. She shared this information with TODAY without delay.

According to her, he had already visited in the morning along with Dave. She mentioned that he is a very kind person and she even offered him a slice of bread for breakfast. Brody and Sally meet each other several times a day and they definitely bring joy to each other’s lives. Mazarella also mentioned that Brody would often walk towards Sally’s place and she began giving him some treats.

As the saying goes, the rest is history. Nowadays, the couple enjoys their time together by walking to church, catching up on current events, and reading the daily paper. Sally shared that Brody is always overjoyed to see her, and her husband Dave believes it’s because of her sweet voice. Sally came to Washington in 1952 but grew up on a farm in Holland where she developed a love for animals.

Sally is a mother of four, but unfortunately only one of her children lives close by. Nevertheless, she keeps in regular touch with all of them, and they all love seeing pictures of Sally and Brody spending time together, just like the rest of us.

The combination of these two things has a special way of making us feel happy, and Sally believes that her positive attitude may be the reason for her long and fulfilling life.

According to her, her father always mentioned that she was the first child and a source of happiness since birth. Despite encountering a few challenges, she manages to recover quickly.

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