A Heroic Act of Compassion: Brave Samaritan Saves the Life of a Feline Running Wild in the Bushes

A compassionate individual managed to rescue a little feline that was darting in and out of shrubs, ultimately succeeding in saving its precious life.

stray kitten snuggling arms

Meet Cole, the Kitten that Found a Home

Not long ago, Sarah Isom got a call from a friend at Winston Salem State University who said there was a stray kitten in need of help. The little feline was lying on a tiled path, meowing loudly. But when Sarah arrived, the kitten had disappeared.

Determined to help the poor creature, Sarah searched high and low around the campus building. She even looked in the HVAC area, but there was no sign of the kitten. Feeling discouraged, she headed back to her car.

As she was leaving, Sarah caught a glimpse of a small, furry creature darting across the pathway. It was the stray kitten! After a bit of coaxing and patience, Sarah managed to scoop up the kitten and bring it home.

Now named Cole, the kitten is happy and healthy in his new home with Sarah. Despite the rocky start, Cole’s story is proof that persistence pays off in the end.

stray kitten

As a homeless feline, he was discovered lying on a tiled path. Despite the difficulty of finding the stray kitten, Sarah refused to give up. She continued her search around the property until she stumbled upon something peculiar. A small, grey kitty was nestled in a sunlit area amidst the bushes. Upon noticing Sarah’s presence, the kitten let out a loud meow and quickly ran away, concealing himself behind the building.

tiny kitten rescued

Sarah tried to approach the little kitten, but it kept running away from her as if they were playing a game of hide-and-seek. This continued for some time until the kitten finally found refuge behind an HVAC unit and ran into the bushes. Despite its hiding place, the kitten’s loud meow helped Sarah locate it. She crawled through the bushes on her hands and knees, but the kitten made one last run for it and ended up in the wheel well of a parked car. Fortunately, Sarah was able to quickly grab the kitten and hold it close.

kitten sleeping in arms

As soon as Cole felt secure, he started to show his true personality. Despite being out of danger, no one stepped forward to claim the kitten. Sarah contacted Sparkle Cat Rescue and volunteered to foster the tiny feline. They gave him the name Cole and guessed he was around five weeks old. Cole was in rough shape, with a weight of barely more than a pound, and covered in fleas and grime. Once he received some much-needed TLC, Cole felt like a whole new cat.

cute kitten cole stretching

Cole’s hunger was so intense that he ate his food with great speed, as if he had no other chance to eat. “Once he finished his meal, he began to purr and seemed to feel secure,” Sarah observed. She later found out that the kitten had eaten plants to survive while living outside. “If he had been left in the wilds for any longer, he would have gone without food.”

sleeping gray kitten cole

Cole’s personality blossomed with the help of delicious meals and tender loving care. He became more affectionate and would snuggle with his foster mother, kneading with contentment and purring until he dozed off. Sarah noted that in recent days, Cole has become even more endearing and expressive, sleeping in amusing poses and seeking closeness with those around him.

kitten snuggly blanket

Cole is a bold and confident speaker, never holding back when expressing his thoughts. He also has a playful and curious nature, enjoying the company of our resident cats and getting to know our resident dog. As he continues to adjust to his new environment, he’s discovering how close he wants to be with his furry friends.

cute gray kitten cat snuggles

Sarah was challenged by Cole during the rescue, but now he is doing great in his foster home and becoming more playful as he grows bigger every day. When Cole gets tired from all the running and playing, he loves to snuggle with Sarah and take a blissful nap. Though Cole is energetic, he also knows how to rest and recharge.

playful sleeping kitten cole

Sarah was determined to find the lost stray and ensure its survival. As a result, Cole now revels in being transported and exploring his surroundings with ease and security.

tiny gray kitten cole

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