A Heartwarming Tale: Rescuing a Senior Cat and Giving Him the Love He Deserves

When a person is nearing the end of their life, we often go to great lengths to fulfill their wishes so that we have no regrets later on. Adriene Buisch, also known as Nicole, worked as a marketing coordinator at Charm City Veterinary Hospital. When her beloved senior feline companion Tigger was diagnosed with kidney failure and given a limited amount of time left, she decided to create a bucket list and participate in every activity with him. Although Tigger passed away in March of 2017, his memories and influence still hold a special place in Nicole’s heart.
As Tigger reached the end of his long life, his human abandoned him, leaving him in need of love and care.

Back in 2015, a poor cat named Tigger was abandoned by his previous owner at a local vet clinic. Being deprived of food and love, Tigger was on the verge of death. Meanwhile, a couple, Nicole and her partner, were searching for a new companion to keep their six-year-old feline company. Although they weren’t expecting to get another cat, Tigger’s story on Canton Neighbors Facebook page touched Nicole’s heart. So, they decided to take the twenty-one-year-old orange feline home from Towson Veterinary Hospital. “We looked at each other and we were like, ‘We’re taking that cat,'” Nicole recalled. As soon as they brought Tigger home, he seemed to feel right at home, as if he had never forgotten what it felt like to have pillows and blankets. However, then Adriene Nicole entered the picture.

The cat that the couple adopted was unlike any other, as he was in poor condition – horribly matted and underweight. Consequently, when they took him for a checkup, they were given considerable prescriptions for his healthcare needs. Over time, Tigger underwent an incredible transformation. His fur was no longer dry and matted but soft and silky, and he gained weight and happiness simultaneously. The couple was determined to provide Tigger with all the love and care he needed, and so they decided to take him home from the shelter.

The family became aware of Tigger’s unusual behavior when they realized he was drinking water faster than his usual habit. This sudden change in his demeanor alarmed Nicole, who felt that something was wrong. She immediately took him to the vet for a check-up. It was then revealed that Tigger was suffering from severe kidney failure and had a large tumor the size of a golf ball growing inside his body. To make matters worse, he was undernourished, and his fur was matted. Sadly, Nicole discovered that Tigger was terminally ill.

Nicole, a self-proclaimed feline enthusiast, did not let the news of Tigger’s illness bring her down. In fact, she used it as fuel to ensure that Tigger had the best days possible while on this planet. Despite Tigger being diagnosed with kidney failure and a tumor, he was still full of life, as Nicole shared on Facebook. Together, they created a bucket list filled with various escapades. Despite the challenges they faced, Nicole and Tigger remained optimistic and fearless.

Tigger was an extraordinary cat who found pure joy in exploring the outdoors and basking in the sun on the sandy shores of Bethany Beach, where his owner Nicole had a home. The couple celebrated Tigger’s birthday twice, and he even had a chance to showcase his charm during an interview with Fox 5 DC. Tigger became a beloved member of the family and had many adventures with another feline companion, which were documented on a Facebook page that quickly gained widespread attention. People were moved by Nicole’s decision to adopt a senior cat and were touched by how Tigger transformed their lives for the better.
Despite his illnesses, including kidney failure and a tumor, Tigger continued to live life with the energy and spirit of a much younger cat.

According to her, Tigger’s story highlights the wonders of adopting an elderly pet and making the most out of their remaining time. Tigger has left a lasting impact on their hearts and they hope that others will consider adopting older pets too. They came up with a list of exciting activities for Tigger to enjoy.

Regrettably, after marking Tigger’s second anniversary of adoption, he peacefully purred for 30 seconds before passing away in the arms of his owner. Nicole’s heart shattered as Tigger had been her most cherished companion. Although the moment was unforgettable, Nicole felt appreciative that Tigger was at peace in her loving embrace during his final moments.

Even though some people may not find it exciting, going on small outings is a source of joy for him since he has a great appreciation for being in nature.

As he nestled his head in our arms and purred in his final moments, it meant the world to us. We were grateful that he didn’t have to endure the stress of a vet visit and was able to pass away peacefully with his entire family by his side – his mommy (Adriene), daddy (Michael), and his 6-year-old cat brother Stuart. Our beloved Tigger’s journey has inspired us to spread the message of how amazing it is to adopt senior pets. His love and joy have truly impacted our lives forever. Plus, we have fond memories of him loving the beach more than any other place.

Our hearts have been permanently transformed by him and we are optimistic that he will inspire others to adopt elderly pets as well!

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