A Heartwarming Tale: Dog Finds Forever Home, but Still Cuddles with Former Owner Months Later

Twinkle the dog, who had been living with her adoptive family for four months, was unfortunately returned to the rescue center. The reason behind this decision was that she wanted to cuddle up in bed with her new parents. Twinkle was discovered wandering alone on the streets of Miami back in June and was taken in by Mission, where she was given all the attention and care she needed, even though she was underweight and had dental problems.

Lisa Letson, the creator and leader of True and Faithful Pet Rescue Mission, revealed that the cute dog had an operation and needed to remain under the veterinarian’s care for several weeks. As she recuperated, she gained weight and developed into an endearing canine. Lisa expressed that the furry companion discovered a caring family in the beginning of September and was taken in by them. The family appeared to be wonderful and an ideal match for the dog.

The rescue center got an email from the new guardians of Twinkle during the festive season, stating their desire to give her up after only four months. They claimed that Twinkle made a lot of noise at night because she wanted to share their bed with them. Despite owning other older Chihuahuas, they wouldn’t let Twinkle sleep with them. As a result, they assumed that Twinkle wasn’t a suitable fit and chose to return her to the rescue center.

Madison Mulvihill, who holds the position of social media coordinator at True and Faithful Pet Rescue, has reported that Twinkle was in a state of devastation and confusion. Mulvihill found Twinkle sitting in the main dog room, alone on a dog bed in the corner, visibly shaking with fear. The poor dog had a lost expression on her face, and her heart was filled with sadness. Her owners had simply left her by throwing her over the fence when she was returned to them. Twinkle kept looking back at the fence, and it is hard to comprehend why anyone would abandon her in such an inhumane way.

All Twinkle wanted was a warm and comfortable evening spent with her dear ones, but fate had other plans. Her disappointment was shared by the rescue team who had grown attached to her during her stay with them. The thought that someone would abandon such a precious being was unfathomable to them.

According to Mulvihill, Twinkle is not only cute, but also possesses a delightful character despite only weighing three and a half pounds. She loves being the center of attention and will come to you if she wants some love and attention. Her graceful jumps on the ranch’s lawn are a sight to behold, and she adores snuggling. Besides, she’s amiable towards other canines and walks excellently on a leash. Whenever she desires a gentle touch, she’ll inform you by pawing at your hand.

When Twinkle returned to the shelter, her companions decided to post a TikTok video about her story in hopes of finding her a forever home. To their surprise, the video went viral, and Twinkle captured the hearts of everyone on the internet. The video led to numerous adoption inquiries, and now, Twinkle is set to join her new family, who have a king-size bed and six other dogs. With this new family, Twinkle will finally experience the love and affection she truly deserves. Mulvihill, the caretaker, is confident that Twinkle will spend the rest of her days living happily with her new family, finally understanding what true love is. Twinkle’s only wish is to love and be loved in return, and with her new family, she has finally found someone who accepts her for who she is.

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