“A Brave Act of Heroism: Virginia Dog Saves Drowning Fawn and Refuses to Leave Its Side”

On the evening of June 2, Ralph Dorn was on the lookout for his beloved Goldendoodle, Harley, by scanning the surface of the lake behind his residence. As luck would have it, he caught a glimpse of the pup around 200 feet from the shore, accompanied by another creature. Upon closer inspection, Dorn realized that the second animal was actually a tiny fawn swimming alongside his trusty companion.

Dorn, a resident of Culpeper, Virginia, shared an incident on Facebook that has gained massive popularity, with over 250,000 shares. In the post, Dorn mentioned how Harley didn’t bother to ponder over the reason behind the fawn’s presence and immediately took action. Though unclear about how the fawn ended up there, Dorn expressed gratitude towards Harley’s heroic act.

As Harley swam alongside the fawn, they eventually made it to the safety of the shore. Meanwhile, Dorn came across the two animals on land and helped the fawn conquer a steep cliff. Once Harley had brought the young deer out of the water and onto the grass, she started to lick the fawn’s coat with great care.

According to Dorn, Harley was very attached to the fawn and didn’t want to leave it. He spent a lot of time interacting with it, licking it, and nurturing it.

Once the fawn made it to the ocean, its mother appeared on the lawn. Dorn quickly ushered Harley into their nearby house upon seeing the doe. After Dorn and Harley left, the mother deer left with her fawn. However, the following morning while Dorn and his wife Patricia, who is 64 years old, were enjoying their coffee, something seemed amiss.

Dorn shared on Facebook that Harley was getting restless as he kept moving from one window to another. According to him, they heard the fawn cry when he opened the main door.

As per the account given, Harley ventured into the thick forest and stumbled upon a fawn. He narrated that the young one ceased its cries and instead wagged its tail as they exchanged greetings by touching noses and sniffing each other. Subsequently, Harley returned home composedly along with the narrator.

According to Dorn, he had a short reunion with Harley and the fawn, and after that, the baby deer seemed to calm down. Eventually, both mother and child disappeared by the end of the day, and Dorn hasn’t seen them since he first encountered the fawn when it was only a few days old.

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